Lesson 7 - Why you feel alone

We are all connected.

Everything is connected. 

So why are we made to feel so alone? Because we aren't taught to feel how everything is so connected. 

Why do we value Gold so much? Some may say because it is so rare.

Why is it so rare? I'm a scientist by trade, so I have studied this. 

There are over 100 elements on the Periodic Table. But how many of those can our Sun make? The answer is only 26. And it all comes to an end at Iron, which is why it is the most abundant element in the Earth's crust. 

Stars convert Hydrogen [H] into Helium [He] all day. And when they do, they give off a little bit of energy. Enough to light the whole solar system and feed all of our crops. But, when that star runs out of [H], it starts to convert [He] into other elements.

But once it starts to make Iron [Fe], the end of it's life is near. When [He] makes [Fe], it actually takes in some energy vs giving it off. So this robs the Star of energy vs giving energy.

But then how do we get Gold and all the other heavier elements on the planet and in our bodies?

When that Star loses too much energy, it explodes into a Super Nova.

Only in that brief explosive moment after millions of years of life, can that intense explosion create Gold and other heavier elements no other living Star can create.

There is only Gold on our planet, because enough Stars we never saw, went Super Nova, and pushed out tiny amounts of gold traveling through space to collect near where our solar system formed years later. Like little fireworks overlapping across the universe. 

We are literally stardust. 

And we are literally connected to every star that has ever lived.

You are not alone, everything is connected.

We are all connected. 

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