Lesson 1 - Let Go

The greatest lesson the Western World could learn from Eastern Wisdom is to let go of control.

What do I desire? What to I want in life?

When we ask this question in a naive way, we decide that we want to control everything. To create spouses that don't grow old, apples that don't rot. Clothes that never wear out, and the ability to travel anywhere instantly.

Total Control.

We don't have an ability to see several moves in advance, like chess. What if we got what we wanted? How would that make us feel? 

Let's say you were able to magically get everyone and everything conform to your will. The moment you have a situation where you are really in control of things, that is to say a future with which everything is completely predictable. 

A completely predictable future is already the past...you've had it. And that's not what you wanted.

What a waste to climb your mountain, only to realize at the top, that you climbed the wrong mountain. 

You want a surprise. Just like when you were a baby and could play peek a boo forever. Or as a kid who could play hide and seek forever. You don't want to be in control, you want to be surprised. 

But if you want to be surprised, you have to accept that it will come in 2 ways. Pleasant surprises and unpleasant surprises. They go together like 2 sides of a coin. 

That seems to be the thing that really excites people. Even if they don't know if what is behind the next door is splendid or scary. That moment of anticipation and not knowing is really what we want. Having no control. 

What (or who) are you trying too hard to control?

Let it go. 

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