Lesson 2 - You are afraid of Nothing

If we knew what we wanted as a baby and a young child. How did we lose our way and want to control everything?

The answer comes in another book I read called the End of Night. I love Astronomy and it's part of how I see the world. This book mostly talks about how light pollution is destroying our ability to see the stars at night.

The answer from this book states that at our core we are afraid of the dark. We are afraid of nothing. Or nothingness. We want control because we are afraid of letting go. That’s why we rarely take away outdoor lights. We have some lights, and we feel a little safer, add more or make them brighter, even safer. But we have data that those lights don't actually make us any safer. You know who also likes to see in the dark? The robbers you think you are scaring away with your lights. 

Your Fear of Nothing is holding you back.

We are afraid that one of a pair of opposites will cancel out the other forever.

And that is one definition of anxiety.

Dark from Light

Death form Life

Other from Self

If I leave this job I don’t love, then I will have nothing (money).

If I leave this bad relationship, then I will have no one. (love)

If I am not see as such and such big shot, then I am nobody. (self esteem)

And that just isn’t true.

What are you really afraid of?

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