Tarot Contest -Application 2021
Tarot Contest -Application 2021

Tarot Contest -Application 2021

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2021 Tarot Reader Contest

This is the Official Application to apply for the 2021 Tarot Reading Contest Preliminary Round.

1. You will receive an email from LiveFullyNowEmail @ gmail

2. It will contain the Celtic Cross spread you are to read.

3. Please record and upload your reading to You Tube (or similar).

4. Send a link to you Reading back to LiveFullyNowEmail @ gmail 

5. Invitations to the Finals will start to go out by Aug, for a Sept 1 start of the finals.

Limited spaces are available for the Finals due to the time capacity of the judges.

 *By purchasing this product, I understand the investment is for the Time and consideration of the judges to watch, evaluate and rank my reading. If I sign up, but fail to submit any readings by the contest deadline, I understand I will not be entitled to a refund. As a place was held for me that took an opportunity from someone else in the community when max capacity was reached.

I also understand invitations to the Finals is not a guarantee, and omission is likely due to capacity instead of skill. And we hope you'd come back next year. * 

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