2024 Tarot Reading Contest

2024 Tarot Reading Contest

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2024 - Tarot Contest 

How this works:

1. Everyone will be given the same submitted question from a real querent.

2. Every submits video readings to the judges by email. (You Tube video is ideal)

3. Readings are graded by the judges.

4. Consensus Top 3 were sent to the Querent. (prizes given to Top 3)

5. The Querent choses which reading resonated with their situation the most. 

6. That Reader is the winner of the Month. Top 3 win prizes each month.

7. After 4 months, an overall winner is selected.

Finals Round 1 - August

Finals Round 2 - September

Finals Round 3 - October

Final Round 4 - November

Winner crowned by the Winter Solstice

2021 winner was Susan Elizabeth from Australia.

2022 winner was Zoe Frunks from Australia. 

2023 winner was Kelly B from Canada.

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