*Gift* Astrology 101 Online Course

*Gift* Astrology 101 Online Course

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Hello, I'm DavidI help people Learn Astrology, without the complex memorizing, using the [What] [Where] [How] Method.

Do you know your Moon sign? Or your Rising sign?

How about what they mean for your specific chart?

You are just 3 hours away from being able to read any Astrology chart for yourself. 

5 Tips to read ANY chart :

 This course will teach you the [What] [Where] [How] method to learn to read any Astrology chart (yours or a friends).

Plus Astrology basics to know for charts:

-The Planets and their energies

-The 12 Houses and how to make them your friend

-The Zodiac signs and their energies

-The main Aspects by which Planets 'Talk' to each other.

-And More

Over 3 hours of lectures

But don't take our word for it:

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