Young Wisdom Society

To combat the mental health crisis in the world, specifically among teenagers / young adults, the Young Wisdom Society is a sister / parallel / shadow group who will receive all the wisdom of the Inner Wisdom Society for free. Young adults need to learn inner wisdom too, but don't always have have the ability to invest monthly into their spiritual development. By investing in yourself, you are paying it forward to invest in the next generation. Maybe they will be more wise than us and "find a better game" for life as Alan Watts says. 

The Inner Wisdom Society is a For Purpose Mindful Community.  

As we adults invest in ourselves, and our spiritual development (books courses, readings, etc). By becoming a member of the Inner Wisdom Society, your investment supports the Young Wisdom Society.

Young Wisdom Society- 12 things you must Unlearn

I'm on a mission to solve our Spiritual Crisis, by helping you Unlearn things that do not serve you on your journey in this life.

A divorce 10 years ago started me on my journey to Inner Wisdom. I felt disconnected from my authentic self and my purpose in this life. 

I know I can shorten your journey to much less than the 10 years it took me to get to where I am (which is still imperfectly moving forward). That's why I know investing so much in you to ensure you have your charts and reports to help you connect with your authentic self, is the best place for you to start.

See the topics below where we will help you identify things to unlearn and how to feel more connected with the world and your authentic journey through it in this life. 


Topics Covered:


To Nominate Young Adults / Teens in your life to the Young Wisdom Society: