What Next?

You may have found us through an astrology or numerology report, or tarot card reading. But if you are here you are on a spiritual journey, and many ask what so I do Next?

I have found the most helpful answer depends on why you need up here.

I find most of the time there are 3 ways in to exploring your self and your personal spiritual journey.

#1 - Starting a Spiritual Journey

The world is a little hectic and chaotic these days. Naturally, many of us start to look within to see where we fit and what kind of world we want to live in.

If you are just starting your Spiritual Journey I suggest making sure you have your Astrology & Numerology Reports:

 Browse all Spiritual Services:  

Consider inviting positive, thought provoking ideas and videos into your life vs the anxiety of a social media feed by joining our Mindful Community:

Perhaps go very deep in your Astrology with w a chart Reading to see how the energies affect every aspect of your life:

#2 - Going through a difficult time

This was my experience. I was very closed minded to spiritual discovery and inner wisdom until I went through a divorce around age 30. Being thrown off your current Life Path, is a good time to evaluate who you really are and where you want to end up, before continuing down the path that life seems to have laid out for you.

If you need clarity on the current issues at hand, I'd suggest a Tarot Card Reading:

Perhaps go deep into your Astrology chart with a full Astrology Reading to explore your aspects and conflicts:

#3 - Want to grow so you can help others.

It was also my experience, that as I learned more about myself and resonated with the inner wisdom I was gaining, I felt the desire to help others through what I have learned. 

If this resonates with you, you may want to connect with like minded people:

If you think you might want to become a Tarot Reader, I have a course to help you start reading spreads: