What a Tarot Reader wants you to know


After 10+ years of studying Tarot, and hundreds of client readings, I have some thoughts I think anyone who wishes to have their cards read should know.

1. I love you.

But, sometimes it may come across as tough love. As my family says "wow, Tarot doesn't pull any punches."

I am not psychic, but Tarot reading is a very personal and intimate experience. You get to know and understand people on a deep level when they allow you to look vulnerably into areas of greatest need or concern in their life. 

From my own experience and personal development journey, you can often see where people are their own greatest obstacle holding themselves back from the life they want to lead, not just the current situation at hand. 

I call it Universal Love. Once you understand we are all connected (which is how Tarot works), then the times we really feel alone can be reduced or eliminated. 

2. You (probably) ask the wrong questions.

I call it Fast Food Tarot. After studying Tarot for so long, I can see how deep and powerful it can be to understand all the forces driving your behavior. 

But, 90% of the time a new client's question is "does he/she love me?".

I get it, relationships are often an area of focus for the Tarot. And often new clients want a quick Yes / No to put their mind at ease. That ignores 99% of the value Tarot can bring to you.

As I work with people longer, they see often the readings become more about them and what they need or seek in a relationship, vs simply the behavior of the other person. 

Better or broader questions could be "what do I need to know about my love life right now?" or even if you are unsure, just as for an Open reading to see what the Universe has for you. 

3. You are doing all the work.

As I said I am not psychic, so I am just translating the cards for you. So I am often asked how it works, and as a scientist I have thought about this a long time. 

As someone once said, you can  choose to believe that everything is a miracle, or that there are no miracles. 

If you believe that everything isn't connected on a deeper level, then yes it might look like random cards in a pattern to tell a random story. 

But, if you believe as I do that everything is connected. Than your subconscious, spirit guides, or guardian angels (whatever you believe in) has the ability to arrange the cards for you to help you understand the deep meaning behind your current situation.

4. It's not about predicting the future, so much. 

Many people also believe Tarot will perfectly predict the future. While it often can, as a scientist I think of it more like my Statics and Mechanics class. Tarot does a really good job describing all the forces acting upon you or the situation. So you can get clarity on why you are in the current situation, and with that the likely outcome if changes are not made. 

But, if the cards told you this relationship doesn't meet your needs and repeats a pattern of your last relationship. You still have free will to say Yes if they propose to you tomorrow, even if that doesn't serve your greatest need. 

5. Stop chasing easy / free readings.

Lots of people, seemingly on Instagram try to seek out free readings. Beyond the old advice of you get what you pay for, if a problem isn't worth investing a little with someone who knows what they are doing, its probably not a big problem in your life. 

Save the time and energy of a reader who truly wants to make a difference, for those who have a need and will actually use the wisdom and clarity gained from a reading, vs trying to score something for free. 

But once you get a really good deep reading, you will understand and see the value as I do. I started reading only for myself for a few years, then friends and family before the general public.

Interested in what your Tarot Cards will say?