104k followers in 1 year: Why have an Audience?

Update: May 2, 2019

A year ago tomorrow!, I had the opportunity to learn from 2 large Influencers. They opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about business. They said the Old World thinking was to Make a Product then Take it to Market (Amazon etc). In the new world, you grow your own Audience, then serve them with products and services they ask for. 

They also showed me how they grow their audience, and said I could do it myself and even reach 100,000 followers. This idea wasn't even in my mind at the time. But I could see what they were saying, and it was like a light bulb in my head. So I said I'd accept that challenge.

I'm happy to say that 1 year and almost 104,000 followers later across my accounts and I have exceeded my goal.

At this pace of growth, I should have over 400,000 followers by this time next year.

I am the least likely person to become an Influencer. I honestly don't post everyday like I should. But this audience has brought me over 2,000 organic clicks per month to my websites and products. 

This has allowed me to create funnels to my products and courses without having to pay for Facebook Ads. It has step changed my online business.

I started to have so many people ask me how I was doing this, that I had to start recording videos and even make on online course just to handle the volume of requests I was getting. It allowed me to help others while continuing to focus on my business vs teaching all the time.

It does bring me joy to see my friend have success growing their audiences for their products. 

Here is one video I made about 6 months into my journey. See video below and then join my course to get the same results.

In the full course, I teach you all the tools and settings you need to get these results.

The tools cost between $20- $50 per month, so you are better off investing to cut the learning curve and start to see results quickly.

These are my current results on how fast I am growing my audience