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Move from Knowing to Reading, Fast!

10x your ability to read Tarot Spreads in <2 hours. 

Don't you just love the beauty of the Tarot? Maybe, like me, you are slightly addicted to buying decks of cards? Interested in learning to do full Tarot Readings for friends & family?

Maybe even become a paid reader?

I have been reading Tarot for over 10 years now. In my journey, the hardest transition was from going from Knowing to Reading.

I felt I really knew the meanings of ever single card, but laid our in a full spread everything felt clunky, and I couldn't make intuitive connections between the positions and patterns. I couldn't read in a way that didn't sound like reciting definitions in a different order each time. 

And I know you must struggle with this as well. It's the hardest part 

 Your Biggest Tarot Needs and Struggles:

1. Going from Knowing the Tarot to Reading spreads is my biggest struggle.

2. Get me there as fast as possible. I can always rewatch if one part goes too fast for me.  

6 secrets to 10x your ability to read any Spread

If I may make a bet. I'd guess you are doing your readings on only 2 ways to connect the cards. The meaning of the card and it's position in the spread.

That was me for quite some time feeling stuck in my journey as a reader. 

That's not enough context or connections to make a coherent story.

I will show you 6 simple ways to make more connections and have the story unfold like a dance. 

Yes, the court cards will become your friends, vs your enemy that breaks up every reading into a clunky mess.

If you knew less than 2 hours of your time could 10x your ability to read any spread would you do it? It would have saved me years of struggle.

Does this sound like you?

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