Tarot Contest - September 2021 Update

Excited to kick off the Finals of the 2021 Tarot Reading Contest.

We have over a dozen readers in the finals, which is a great showing for the first year of trying this out.

We have Readers from Australia, the US, UK, and Canada!

Round 1 - September 

The selected Question from Valerie is "What do you see for me professionally?"

All readers are free to use any deck or spread they need to answer this, as they would for any client of their own. 

Valerie (as available) will help assess the top readings based on which resonates the most with her and her situation. 

The Judges

I have recruited 2 of my favorite Spiritual people to help me judge the readings.

Missy Fowler (missyfowler111.com)

Those who have worked with Missy, may describe her as a Spiritual Healing guide, Intuitive / Medium, Coach, or Mentor.

For me, in a room of many strangers, Missy was a warm white light that made me feel comfortable and safe. I sat with her the first day of a conference, and got to hear about her work. We were lucky enough to spend a few weekends together with this group before Covid. 

Click on her website above, to learn about her mission to help heal humanity. 

Eric Nghiem - (The Modern Mystic)

I just deleted a whole paragraph about Eric's serial entrepreneurial accomplishments. Eric is a great Dad, who cycles competitively to spend time with his teenage son.  Before Covid, he took his business remote for a year, so he could show his son the country and parts of the world. They spent a lot of time in Bali to connect with their spiritual side. 

Click on his Modern Mystic You Tube channel above, and you will for sure get sucked into the world of Crypto currency, NFTs and their Tax planning implications. 

Preliminary Round

Here is an example of the excellent submissions we had during the Preliminary round. 

Excited to see where this goes, we will keep you updated on top readings and readers from each round.

And on the Winter Solstice / Saturnalia we will crown a Champion for 2021.