Tarot Contest December and Final Results

I was hoping to be on camera for this, but I still have laryngitis from a cold. 

First, I'd like to thank everyone for participating in the contest. This was an idea that came to me over the summer, and I had no idea how we would pull it off, but we did it!

Second, the feedback I have received to date confirms that everyone won, no matter where they are in their Tarot journey. Nothing like the focus of a contest to help you grow. I've heard from readers who got more comfortable on camera, who grew their confidence in their readings and intuition, and even overcame some technical challenges like figuring out You Tube and how to manage or edit videos. 

Third, I think we will do this again next year in 2022. Likely, we will forgo the Prelims and start a month Earlier in Aug, to avoid the holiday crunch at the end. 

I have been very impressed by the quality of the readings, and learned so much by spending so much time watching you and seeing how you approach your readings. Even after 12 years, there are things I see that I can grow and improve from the way you are approaching your readings. 

The Judges

I'd like to give one more shout out to my co-judges, who didn't think this was too crazy of an idea. 

Missy Fowler (missyfowler111.com)

Those who have worked with Missy, may describe her as a Spiritual Healing guide, Intuitive / Medium, Coach, or Mentor.

For me, in a room of many strangers, Missy was a warm white light that made me feel comfortable and safe. I sat with her the first day of a conference, and got to hear about her work. We were lucky enough to spend a few weekends together with this group before Covid. 

Click on her website above, to learn about her mission to help heal humanity. 

Eric Nghiem - (The Modern Mystic)

I just deleted a whole paragraph about Eric's serial entrepreneurial accomplishments. Eric is a great Dad, who cycles competitively to spend time with his teenage son.  Before Covid, he took his business remote for a year, so he could show his son the country and parts of the world. They spent a lot of time in Bali to connect with their spiritual side. 

Click on his Modern Mystic You Tube channel above, and you will for sure get sucked into the world of Crypto currency, NFTs and their Tax planning implications. During the course of the contest, I have invested into Crypto in part thanks to Eric's posts and wisdom. 

Without further ado, here are the December resutls:

December Winner: Dorothy Grace


Other Top 3 Readers:



Overall 2021 Tarot Reader Champion:

We had a very competitive contest, with 7 different readers appearing in the Top 3, and 3 different winners for the 4 rounds of competition. 

But, we are pleased to announce the 2021 Tarot Reader Contest Champion is:

Susan Elizabeth (Dorothy Grace) from Australia!

Winning 2 rounds, and finishing in the Top 3 every round.

Susan was consistently excellent in her readings, and received high praise form the judges and each querent. 

See her Link Tree Here

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Follow, support and email her some congratulations!

Until 2022, stay safe and stay connected in one of the Facebook Groups.

Thank you,