Root Energies

Minor Arcana

Major Arcana

0 - The Fool - New beginning, carefree, up for an adventure. No baggage. 

1- The Magician - Ability to manifest anything from the spiritual world to the earthly world. The trickster. 

2- The High Priestess - Moon energy, trust your gut intuition. 

3- The Empress - Venus / Motherly energy. Can be unconditional love, or overbearing. 

4- The Emperor - Aries / Fatherly energy. Who is this boss in this situation and how can you take control over it?

5- The Hierophant -  The conscious or subconscious peer pressure energy from you background, upbringing, profession, family, friends. 

6- The Lovers - Something that resonates with you deeply on an emotional level. Could be another person, a job or hobby, or purpose in life. 

7- The Chariot - Herd the Cats. How to you pull at all the resources at your disposal and get them moving into a positive direction for you.

8- Strength - Your willpower and strength are needed in this situation. 

9- The Hermit - Now is a time to look within yourself for your inner wisdom. Like a 7 in Numerology.

10- Wheel of Fortune - Destiny or random ups and downs in life. In relationships I have seen this as you choosing to leave a relationship and try your luck elsewhere.

11- Justice - Karma is at play in this situation. So be sure that you are handling this in a fair manner because it will impact you.

12- The Hanged Man - Feeling torn between 2 worlds, usually the earthly plane and the spiritual plane. Often have to go against the grain in one to accomplish your goals in the other.

13- Death - Like a 9 in Numerology, clearing out the old of what no longer serves you in the next cycle of life. Sometimes your spirit guides will have to do it for you, because you are not currently strong enough to do it yourself. 

14- Temperance - Like a 2 in Numerology, the go between or the ability to see both sides of a situation. 

15- The Devil - Being distracted off your spiritual path by superficial things valued on the earthly plane. Power, money, attraction. 

16- The Tower - Having the rug pulled out from under you. Something you had an attachment to has let you down and was not built on a solid foundation. 

17- The Star - Hope or a guiding north start of purpose to focus on. Not immediately tangible but the hope brings you the energy to overcome barriers and obstacles. 

18- The Moon - Backstabbing. Someone or something is trying to undermine you behind you back. Best advice is to keep a dream journal to connect to your subconscious to figure it out. 

19- The Sun - The spotlight of where you want to be and how you want to be seen. The Leo prideful energy.

20- Judgement - Your true calling or purpose in this life. The change you were meant to make.

21- The World - Like the 12th house in Astrology, what are you willing to sacrifice of yourself (time, energy, money) to accomplish your purpose in this life.