Prove it Challenge


Prove it Challenge

If you have taken any of my courses, you know I love to teach.

But I don't often teach about everything I have learned by running 4 businesses over 21 years (3 still active). 

I believe there is some tip or trick I have learned, that could significantly help you and your business. And I have until the end of the year to Prove it to you.

If not me, I have a network of hundreds of business owners I can call on to help you.

How it works?

Today - join the Prove it Group for $0 and share your greatest needs. (Click Below)

By Dec 31st 2021 - If I have shown you a couple things that help you move your business forward (Prove it), you will gladly join my community of like minded business owners to continue your growth for all of 2022. ($1,000 investment, hopefully funded by what you learn to grow your business).

If I fail the Prove It Challenge for you, despite my best efforts, we part ways at only a loss of $100 (for you) for my time and effort. Why is that? I believe, if you don't also have anything at risk, you may not commit to try the tips and techniques I suggest to grow your business. 

As I say in the video above, I lost more than $100 on a Facebook ad by using the wrong URL link in a copy / paste error. 

Plus, you may get to hear my stories of my worst $10,000 mistake, and $108,000 mistake.

What have you got to lose? Join now.


Things I have done that might be of interest:

- Grew my Instagram following by 100,000 in 1 year after learning from Travel Influencers. 

- Managed an email list of 350,000. 

- Created a viral website that has had over 600 million visitors. 

- Had 2 written offers to sell my business. And why I walked from both of them. 

- Learned Facebook ads for Digital Courses and Products. 

- Started an Amazon business, and learned about supply chains and quality inspections. 

- Spent $25,000 per year to connect with 100 business owners and learn from names you might recognize from the internet and TV.