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In my Mastermind, I am passionate about 3 things that I think can help the Mindfulness Business Community.

Things I am passionate about:

#1 Growing Your Own targeted Audience 

My Quiz website has had 500 Million visitors (feels weird to type). The two missed opportunities are we haven't grown an audience off of that traffic. And even if we did that audience is not targeted towards any niche. 

#2 Expanding your Network

The best part of a mastermind is all of the other business owners. Very few businesses actually compete against each other, and everyone knows how hard it can be to run your own business. So I find everyone supports each other.

#3 Cutting Edge Tactics

I pay $25,000 a year to be in a Mastermind. Mostly for the connections and to learn cutting edge techniques that are working. Did you know with Snapchat ads in 2018 I got 1 million clicks for $.01 each? I will bring you the best techniques I learn, and introduce you to Entrepreneurs you should know about and follow.

Current Mastermind Topics


How to let go of Control. Why Fear will lead to regret. Why you don't know what you want out of life. Why we really die 3 deaths. When you have a breakthrough, you must reach back and bring others through.


How my first website got 600 million visitors without advertising.

Why you have to grow your own audience.

Why Social Media is Broken.

And everything I learn from my $25,000 per year Mastermind.

I will show you how to grow your audience. I share my results with the community every month.



How it will work?

Just say you are interested and I will start to work with you for Free showing you the exact growth models I am using. Then in 2019, if you feel it s a great fit and wish to continue, invest $1,000 to join the community and grow your business. 

If it's not a fit right now, I hope what I show you for Free earns you enough that you come back next year and join.

It's that simple. 


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