Inner Wisdom Society

Ever feel like there has to be more than this?

You and I are different.

We feel deeply.

We wonder how people can wander through life, without a deeper connection to your authentic self and your unique purpose in this life?

I have been studying Mindfulness for over 10 years, not because I am an expert, but because it has been a painpoint and need in my life. 

And when I couldn't find a community to connect with like minded people, I created it.

I don't expect to teach you anything, but I hope you will unlearn something that no longer serves you in your life journey. 

If this video resonates with you, you have found your tribe: 

It's time for you to Live Fully Now.

When we are 85, only we will know if we lived a life authentic to ourself. How sad to do the work to make it to 85, only to have regrets for all the things we could have done differently, if only we didn't let fear or failure get in our way.

Here are some of the Top Regrets of the dying:

I wish I lived in the Now.

I wish I lived for myself more.

I wish I didn't hold back my feelings.

I wish I was happier.

I know Modern Life is hectic and busier than necessary. But, Is there anything more important than this? No amount of money, or sense of responsibility, or family dynamics will prevent you from feeling regret if you don't take action now. 

Why are so few talking about this or going deep in these areas?

Some of the Topics we cover in the community:

September- Let Go

October - Duality

November - Spontaneity of Nature

December - What do you want?

January - How to get over being Afraid

February - You Are Enough 

March - Why you Feel Alone

April - Be Imperfect

May - Dream of Life

June - Go on you Spiritual Journey, but come back

July - Secret of Life

August - Yugen

If any of these resonate with you and your journey:

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