Example Numerology Report

Numerology Chart for


Life path number 6+4+1=11Birthday 15 (6)
Karmic Debts 19
Expression number 9/18
Minor Expression number 7 Heart Desire number 2/20 Minor Heart Desire number 4/13 Personality number 7/43

Minor personality number 3/12 Maturity number 2/20
Rational Thought number 2/20 Karmic Lessons numbers 7 Balance number 8/17

Hidden Passion number 5
Subconscious Confidence number 8
Age span periods for challenges and pinnacles 0-34-43-52-E Challenge numbers: 2, 5, 3, 3
Pinnacle numbers: 1, 7, 8, 5
Life Path - Expression Bridge number 7
Heart's Desire - Personality Bridge number 5

Full name

5 1 1 6 5 35 5 1 6 =6+3/12+4/13+7=20=2 EMMA CHARLOTTE DUERRE WATSON=5/14+3/39+8/35+2/20=18=9

4 4 3 8 9 3 2 2 4 9 9 5

2 1

5 =8+9/27+22+4/13=43=7

Short name

5 1 1 6 =6+7=13=4 EMMA WATSON=5/14+2/20=7

4 4 5 2 1 5 =8+4/13=12=3

Planes of expression Physical



O2R3=3/39, 5 S1T3=7, 4


U1=3, 1 C1=3, 1

2017 (2) Nov (8) 19 (4)

Creative Dual Grounded

A3=3, 3 H1N1=4/13, 2 L1=3, 1

E4=2/20, 4 W1=5, 1 D1M2=3/12, 3

Personal numbers calendar

Years Months Days

2010 (4) Apr (1) 12 (6)

2011 (5) May (2) 13 (7)

2012 (6) Jun (3) 14 (8)

2013 (7) Jul (4) 15 (9)

2014 (8) Aug (5) 16 (1)

2015 (9) Sep (6) 17 (2)

2016 (1) Oct (7) 18 (3)

2018 (3) Dec (9) 20 (5)


Life Path Number 6+4+1=11

Your life-determining number is the most important characteristic of your numerological card. No matter whether you believe this or not, your life story has begun long before you came into this world. This story has led you to the state in which you are now. And, from now on, you are fated to continue your personal evolution, with all constraints and opportunities that a human being usually meets with. Well, all the peculiarities and all milestones of this road, unknown and frightening, are

in this or that way reflected in your life-determining number.

You are a potential source of inspiration and enlightenment for other people. You possess extraordinary amounts of energy, and can boast a perfect intuition. You have a far greater potential than you can imagine.
You can literally "electrify" any situation. You inspire people without any conscious effort, it seems that energy flows through you without any control on your part. This gives you, on one hand, a great force, while on the other hand - considerable emotional instability.

In essence, you are somewhat like a channel of information between archetypes and the real world. Ideas, thoughts, understanding and insights visit you by ways that do not have anything to do with rational thinking. It looks like you have a bridge or link between your conscious and your unconscious. As we have said already, you have exceptional intuition. All these characteristics suggest great capacity for invention and creation. Many inventors, artists, religious leaders, prophets and prominent historical figures have had number 11 in the key positions of personal numerology charts. Because of high personal energetic potential, every life situation can result in both positive and negative consequences for you. Even if you keep trying to merge with the surroundings, you still are too bright and prominent, lonely and somewhat "not of this world".
You have a special role in this world. You are meant to do something remarkable in life. But you can develop in a positive direction only if you use your uniqueness to the maximum. Then you find, as a rule, that you are able to achieve much more than ordinary people. Thus, real success will come to you no earlier than in 35-46 years, when your progressive development will boost further.
You can often feel frustration at the fact that you expect from yourself too much.
You may also suffer from confusion and lack of directness. These qualities stem from a low self-confidence, and they can lead to a state of profound depression. The cause of these emotional problems is that you do not fully understand your sensitivity and its potential. The desire to realize your great plans is always enormous in you. Yet, low level of self- confidence that is needed to implement these ambitious plans may cause many disorders. You have a great potential sensitivity. What you need is a great faith in our own strength, which will help you realize your dreams. Confidence will be the key that opens the door to great opportunities.
At a mental level, it is necessary to protect your nerves, because they are very sensitive to stress due to high overall sensitivity. You must try to eliminate all strong stresses around you, because they may develop a profound depression in you.
You should prefer soothing and harmonious environments, relaxing music, follow a correct, wholesome diet - all this will help you maintain balance and peace.
Number 11 is a stronger version of number 2 and has many characteristics and talents of the latter.
You can be extremely diplomatic and tactful. You are patient and able to cooperate. You work well in a team, and can somehow find a creative harmony in a vast ocean of conflicting points of view.
You have a highly developed sense of beauty and a sense of balance and rhythm. You have abilities of a healer, especially in areas such as massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy and psychotherapy. (All kinds of activities suitable for a "two", are suitable for 11.)
Like a "two", you are a sensual and passionate lover. Acute sensitivity lets you feel the needs and desires of their partner, and you can realize them with almost magical delicacy.
You are a wonderful companion and have a developed sense of humor. When you find your place in life and begin progressive realization of your potential, you will be rewarded a hundredfold.

Birthday Number 15

The number of day when you were born (your birthday) can provide a lot of information about who you are and in what area your talents lie. Your date of birth indicates some special abilities that you possess. The number of birth is one of the five core numbers of your numerological card.

You possess outstanding creativity and artistic talents. Also, you have good ability for languages. Regardless of what profession you choose, your heart will always belong to arts, especially fine arts - painting, calligraphy or sculpture. You may have a talent of healer.
You are responsible in relationships, especially in marriage.

You are very impressionable. Criticism can affect you very negatively. For this reason, many people may turn away from you. But you are generous and are able to understand others.
Beware of excessive softness in relations with others. Be more than a sympathetic listener. You should rely more on yourself and make your own decisions.

In addition to artistic talent, you possess excellent professional qualities and abilities in the field of finance. You strive for thorough and responsible approach to business, and these qualities are very valuable and promising.
You are endowed with many talents, including dedication. So, you really have a great potential for success.


Expression Number 9/18

Number of expressions reflects your physical and mental constitution, orientation of the goals in your life. Some believe that expression number is your destiny number, because it reflects long- term goals to which you aspire. This number reflects the expression of your inner purpose, sets of personality traits, which should belong to you.

The expression number is derived from your full name given at birth, middle name and surname.

Specifically, it is the name recorded in your birth certificate. If at birth you were given several first names, use all these names to calculate the expression number. If you are adopted and have a name given to you by adoptive parents, use the original name given to you before adoption. If your name has a prefix "junior", "medium", "third" and the like, always strip them because they add nothing significant in your name.

You are a humanist. You are attracted by any opportunity to encourage other people strive for the better. You are very idealistic, even naive in your evaluations of people and actions. Have a lot of patience and try to build a more humane society. You always try to help people who are suffering physically or were victims of justice.
From time to time you become involved in activities, the success of which depends essentially on the desire to satisfy your ego. You are a total idealist, yet have an ability to manage even big masses of people. Being deep in kind, you strive for glory. Politics, law, environmental protection, teaching and healing - you can succeed in all these areas.

You have a large stock of humanity, you are not bound by prejudice. Make friends and allies on all roads of life, with people of all colors and religious beliefs. Every man you meet enriches your inner world.
You have an excess to artistry. Many of the "nines" find themselves in arts, especially in literature, painting and acting. Many geniuses have expression number 9. Your appearance is important. We are sure that others understand it. Ambient perceive you as someone with strong supervision. You have a gift of God.

You also have your own vision of the world, and sometimes you do not pay attention to the needs of family. You avoid expression of deep feelings, saving emotional resources.
Your confidence in the triumph of humanism is unwavering. You're looking good in people's eyes, but they sometimes use your vulnerability to their advantage. You are not a very good judge. The best way to personal satisfaction for you is to enter into some sort of larger social system. You are happy when serving for the good of mankind.

Minor Expression Number 7

Minor expression number is a summary of a "short" person's name.
"Short" name is the name which is most frequently used calling you. It is the name that you find most appropriate in your social environment. If you are married and changed your name, then it will be your "short" name. "Short" name is something that you use when thinking about yourself. Who are you? What name best reflects your inner self? Calculating the number of minor expressions, never use intermediate initials. Names that you used in the past express your feelings and characteristics of that period, not of now. If you no longer use that name, it no longer reflects your essence.
The effect of short name is weaker than that of full name. Interestingly, short name in some way compensates for the number (and its corresponding characteristics) of full name.

Your "short" name increases desire for knowledge. It helps in learning, makes it easier to concentrate. A minor expression number 7 allows you to accumulate knowledge about the mysteries of life. Your mind is analytical. You do not favor superficial judgments. You need more time for contemplation and meditation. You like to be left alone.

Heart Desire Number 2/20

The number of heart's desires (the number of spiritual aspiration) is something that your name means: your inner nature, desires, closest to your heart. It reflects your internal motivation or the basic idea behind your actions. It determines the choice of life. Its influence extends to all areas of your life: career, environment, friends and lifestyle.

You love peace and harmony in all manifestations. You would like to dedicate your life to someone or something nice and important. It is easy for you to fall in love. You are very sensitive and emotional. Sentimental and able to weep over sad stories. You need friends and society. You pay tribute to the beauty of life. Strive for comfort and safety. You have good taste. You love music and have a remarkable musical talent.

Your sensitivity is a symptom of a well-developed intuition. You must learn to trust it. You have a noble soul, try not to conflict with people if possible. You feel the internal struggle, and if you do not trust yourself and not take control over the situation, this could have a debilitating effect on you. Prefer to go away, when you need to defend your interests. You must be decisive. Very often you are afraid to use your strength in the face of someone's aggressiveness. You can make a mistake to put yourself in the position of the weak, retreating, not to engage yourself in combat.
At the same time you are diplomatic and tactful. You like to act with gentle persistence. Do not like force.
It is necessary for you to deal with uncertainty and doubt. You must develop confidence in yourself and a desire to defend your interests.
It is suitable for you to be a defender in your typically soft, unobtrusive, yet persistent manner.


Minor Heart Desire Number 4/13

A minor number of heart desire depends on the vowels that make up your short name. Short name is a reflection of more complex traits that depend on the full name. It sharpens and strengthens the energy contained in your full name, enhances some aspects of your life, and dims other aspects. That is why short name often lets you see what you really want in life. It reflects both your strong desires, and limitations that you are subject to.

This minor number of heart desire is great for many reasons. Try to analyze the number of heart desire after the minor number of heart desire, and try to understand what you are trying to hide or what to avoid.

A minor heart desire number 4 brings order and practicality. You become serious and responsible. Your short name makes you pay more attention to details. You are less depressed by routine of life. This number brings thoroughness, you care more about overall safety and safety of your loved ones.
You are not interested in varied social life.

You have strong principles concerning concepts of good and evil.

Personality Number 7/43

Your individuality is a narrow hallway leading into a large room, which is your essence. Personality reflects the aspects that you consider acceptable in dealing with other people. Over time and with increase of confidence you allow others to the secret recesses of your soul. Personality number reflects your true essence better as a result of the influence of heart desires, expression and so on. The individuality number is somewhat defining things that are important for you. It also defines the types of people and information, which are allowed to penetrate your heart and brain. Therefore,

your individuality is a narrower definition of a concept than a real "me". It may also contain what you want or do not want to be, it can be applied to people and situations, but also misses the things closest to your inner nature.
Fortunately or unfortunately, this narrow corridor is a first impression that people get from you. It is either attractive and intriguing, or causing people to lose all interest in you.

Your identity number or minor individual number points out how others perceive you, which aspects of your personality you feel comfortable with, which traits you want to show to the outer world.
Your full name given at birth really reflects your essence, your potential self. Date of birth indicates the path you choose in this life, and all the opportunities and obstacles that you may face on this path. Your date of birth, or name given at birth can't be erased or rectified. They will assist you in effect for the worse or better, as long as you do not leave this world.

Your "short name" indicates what part of your potential you have realized. Also, it shows what aspects of your personality you like. It reflects what you have taken to the fore, enhanced or mitigated. "Short name" can be changed, in many cases repeatedly, so here you have a choice.
When you try to analyze your names and corresponding numbers, in most cases the preferred method is your personal intuition, combined with feelings of people close to you.

Minor personality number
This number reflects aspects of your personality with which you feel most comfortable.
Change of name, which can occur throughout life (e.g. in case of marriage or for professional reasons), would impose a significant imprint on your attitude towards others, because it changes your minor number and thus your identity. Therefore, as a rule, changing your name is not recommended, this should be approached with caution, perhaps, after consultation with numerology. When you get married, it is better to wear a double surname (hyphenated) - this adds new features to your personality without changing the essence of the whole.

You seem mysterious and unusual. People notice your seriousness and diligence. You are very independent and self- sufficient. You are extremely intelligent and wise, people respect you. You are not one of those who attract people with warmth and involvement, although you may have both of these qualities. You rather attract them by your apparent ability to penetrate the mysteries of life.

You are hard to be known. You are often remote. Usually, people notice that you go inside yourself in the middle of talking.
You have intellectual and aristocratic manners, but beware of arrogance and position which sounds like: "For me, everything is clear". In your life there are times when you do not care about clothing and fashion at all, but, as a rule, you follow fashion and know how to dress to impress. For you, there is no matter how you are dressed, but you know that appearance is always an advantage. You become more confident when you know that what you wear is good.

You are spiritual and religious, have your own point of view about the meaning of life and designs of the Creator.
You are an inspired speaker, but only when it comes to things that you are really interested in. In short, you're not the person whom it is easy to talk with.
Your desire for knowledge and wisdom is evident.


Minor Personality Number 3/12

You are very attractive. Men with number 3 are very courageous, women are very beautiful.
Your vibration is full of life. You are spiritual, inspired and fascinating. It is pleasant to be next to you. Your wit and brilliance make you soul parties. You are an extrovert and an optimist. You like beautiful clothes and ornaments. Love shine and glamour, and are never ignored by people of opposite sex. Romantic, quickly and briefly fall in love, gentle and affectionate with people.
Do not play with your charm, strive for deep and lasting emotions. Do not pay too much attention to your popularity.
You are lucky, and it gives many benefits in life. You have a skill of impresario both for yourself and others. Hard work and discipline are important for you, as these qualities will lead you to success.

Karmic Debts Numbers

Numerology is based on the ancient principle that each of us is a spiritual essence, or soul, which is embodied on the Earth for many times, gradually improving and accumulating knowledge. For a long evolutionary path of many incarnations, we have accumulated wisdom, making some regular choices, which have a positive impact on our future incarnations. We have committed many mistakes, and sometimes abused by those who had gifts of fate, unlike us. In order to eliminate bad impact of once accumulated errors, in this life we have to assume certain liabilities. In numerology,

the scope of past mistakes and need to get rid of it were named karmic debts.

Karmic Debt Number: 19

A person with karmic debt number 19 should cultivate independence in an altruistic direction and develop ability to properly use inner powers. Such person must be independent and be able, when necessary, at the same time not to remain on the sidelines.
One of the major life lessons of karmic debt number 19 is to learn to help others. If you have this karmic debt, you often do not want to listen to others, to assist or give advice. Karmic debt number 19 means that you are "chained" to something or somebody and can not openly exchange between reality and emotion.

You must strive for deeper contact with others, to provide support, assistance, giving human understanding needed by all people.

Maturity Number 2/20

The maturity number symbolizes an inner desire or dream, which gradually evokes by the age of thirty - thirty-five years. This internal target forces you to better understanding of yourself. With this knowledge, there comes confidence, true values of life and the right direction in life. It is the core enclosed in a shell, it is the gift of maturity. It is a sign that you will not waste time and energy on something that does not meet your true personality.
No matter what age you are at this moment, your life flows on a particular channel, heading for the

goal. This goal can be regarded as a reward or as fulfillment of the promises that are not clearly expressed in your efforts. Often you do not even see this goal. The number of maturity is usually clearly manifested after 35 years. The influence of this number becomes greater and greater with age.
When you learn the method of calculating your maturity number, you will realize that it can be used to look into the future. This is a combination of life-determining number and number of expressions. Once the number of maturity affects your life, you are going to reach the point from which you can direct your resources (which are described in a number of expression) on the right road (given by the life-determining number). This number reflects the maturity path on which you correctly use your strength to pass your life tests.

You'll find that you have a growing talent for communicating with other people, you understand them better with age. There is a growing ability to influence others through diplomacy and tact. These skills will be useful in your career and business. You're very perceptive and learn to understand people. You will become much more sensitive to the needs and desires of others. You will also be able to evaluate your actions accurately and precisely.

You will understand that mild persistent leadership can do more than force. You must learn how to make good use of your power standing behind the throne. Your influence will be not so obvious, and you will not always get the recognition you deserve, but you'll get the satisfaction of fruitful realization of your ideas that are implemented jointly by the team.
If you already have a lot of twos in the map, especially among core numbers, you can become extremely sensitive, and this feature should be controlled. If the map has a few twos, the influence of maturity can increase the ability of working with others in harmony.


Rational Thought Number 2/20

The number of rational thought is the best way to describe your way of thinking.
Are you practical, preferring to act methodically, or a dreamer? Do you often let your imagination take you into a dream world? Will you be original in solving problems or prefer a traditional solution? This information can be gleaned from the number of rational thought.
Influence of the number of rational thought is greatly increased if you face an intellectual

challenge. It is important to remember that this number has almost no effect if a matter under consideration lies in emotional sphere.
It is very difficult, and sometimes it takes some practice to understand how each number of card, especially not belonging to the core numbers, can influence certain areas. Novices usually have all the information that gives numerology, "poured in one melting pot" without considering how different areas affect each other. Some of the areas described by your map are often hidden, but they have a strong impact. So they should be read in conjunction with all other numbers.

You prefer a softer approach. Intuition is dominant in your intellectual experience. You are open to the ideas of others. You have little ability to influence.

Karmic Lessons Number 7

Karmic lessons are the area where we are weak and where we need to work during all lifetime. Karmic lessons can be numerous. Each letter of our name corresponds to a certain number. Some numbers may occur more than once in your first name, while others are absent. Karmic lessons point to absence of one or more one-digit numbers in your name. Karmic force appears when one number is repeated two or more times. The letters and numerals indicate your existing talents and abilities. These characteristics can be compared with a workshop, in which there is a certain set of tools

available to you. The missing numbers that are not provided in your name, will show you unavailable tools, they indicate what you have to learn during life.
Typically, long names of 20 or more letters in which there are 8-9 figures are typical for talented people. This is usually a well-formed person, having varied interests and rich possibilities of overcoming obstacles.

Short names consisting of less than 15 letters, may also contain 8 or more single digits and indicate strong personalities, seeking power and trying to stand out from the crowd. They are endowed with many talents, they can be considered as fighters. They are cheerful, able to endure misfortune faster and easier than others.
People with long names, but with a small set of numbers, in varying degrees of repeated numbers, may have strong life paradoxes. On one hand, they are struggling with many obstacles to private life, faced with strong, sometimes violent passions. Frequently they do not have an ability, like a phoenix, to rise again and face the vicissitudes of fate. On the other hand, these people are often very talented in specific areas, they have ability to combine together all their forces to achieve a very high level in a particular area. Many famous actors, singers, scientists, military strategists, television presenters and experts have names not containing some of the figures, but these people have some kind of focus, which gives such a structure to their names.

For people in whose names 3 or more digits are missing, it is important to focus on career or vocation and to be able to withstand any challenges and circumstances. This name gives you energy, passing as if through a keyhole, and thus enables you to achieve great success in a particular area. But before you succeed, you must overcome the scourge of fate. Persistence and perseverance create the path to your happiness.

You need to deepen your knowledge and talents associated with a particular discipline. You have no desire of improving yourself or talents that have. You must learn to treat yourself critically, but without self-incrimination, to get the best of your abilities. Learn not to judge things on external grounds.
Effect of this Karmic lesson weakens if you have at least one number seven among the core numbers.


Balance Number 8/17

Generally, people in different ways internally respond to the challenge of destiny. Some people shy away from difficult situations to ponder them over quietly, others are fleeing from their feelings, try to protect themselves from any sensual experiences. Some are experiencing rapid surge of emotions that quickly fades. Others do not directly express their feelings, but these feelings are stable.

Very often people evince emotional response, without forethought or analysis, a sort of inner strength as it compels us to react in that way. Mature approach and work upon yourself will help you learn new, more effective ways of communicating with the world and ways of solving problems. The number of balance helps us to get out of difficult or threatening situations.

Use your remarkable rationalistic energy. You prefer to manipulate power, rather than simply conflict with people. Use this skill with responsibility for the result. You are very resourceful and can become a leader in almost any situation. Try to adopt your opinion in the team, but keep in mind the needs and ideas of others in solving problems of greater magnitude. Learn to use your power for the common goodness.

Hidden Passion Number 5

Figures that appear in your name more than two times, show a particular area of your expertise or area of special talent.
Figuratively, a talent can be an entity that has a special power, which touches you in life. The presence of talent leads to your desire of developing it. Talent requires from you self-expression. You need to use this part of yourself and live according to the nature of this talent. Thus, hidden

passions affect your life and rule it.

You love travel, changes and new challenges. Easy to adjust and very mobile. You have good abilities for languages, and usually easily operate by words. You are completely satisfied with work of a writer, sponsor and public figure. You are sensitive and impulsive.
Excesses in eating, drinking, sex and drugs can be as characteristic of people with a lot of fives (6 or more). You have great mental resources. You are original. You have a good sense of humor. The desire for freedom is very strong, so you need efforts and discipline for finishing what you have started.

You may have too many interests, so it's not easy to successfully express yourself in one area.
You are able to rush from one person to another, from one job to another, so you find it difficult to enter into a serious relationship, or give them a proper assessment.

Subconscious Confidence Number 8

Subconscious confidence reflects the inner confidence in your strength and ability to react decisively to unexpected situations and under different circumstances. This number reflects the ability to correctly assess the situation and adequately react to it.

In extreme situations, you act suddenly and often the best way possible. Learn quickly and usually do not repeat your mistakes. You like your efforts being rewarded, and associate your success with material well-being. You are solid in almost all situations, seldom panic. You have a business approach to solving problems and quickly understand what specific actions are needed. You can handle money. You are a man who always survives. You can be a leader and organizer, brave and have enough power.


Pinnacles Numbers 1, 7, 8, 5

Age span for life cycles 0-34-43-52-E

A pinnacle is a four long-term cycle in the way of life. Pinnacles are specific attributes that are

assimilated into your life. This is measured by requirements and opportunities that the culmination of the cycle brings. You have to deal with properties of these climactic cycles. As a result, the culmination of the cycle adds something to your personality.
The first culmination of the cycle lasts from birth until the age of about 36 years minus your life-determining number. Each of the following two climactic cycles continues for 9 years. The fourth and the last, culminating cycle continues until your death.
Change of cycle always occurs between 9th and 1st personal year. The culmination of the cycle always occurs within a period of intense transformation of our lives. We start counting from the first climactic cycle, so each person can have only three shifts round the culmination of a lifetime.
You can prepare for the coming days in advance, knowing the number of future climactic cycle and the time when it begins.

Life cycle 1. Pinnacle 1. It is a period that requires great independence, courage, initiatives and sustainability. You must escape from daily routine. The objective of this peak is to save volitional energy.
You will not receive tangible support from family or friends. You should rely on your strength. Beware of self-pity.
Focus on your dreams. This culmination would require iron will to achieve your goals, as well as due flexibility to maneuver and standoff odds.

This is the period of rapid self-improvement and growth. You will use all talents and opportunities that you have. You will need great efforts, but after all, there comes a reward. Without effort, you will not get satisfaction, you will only "gain" negative attitude to life. Be strong, but pliable. Listen to advice of others, but have your own opinion.
The advantage of this culmination is a strong sense of individuality and strength. You will learn your character well. During this time you can find many hidden gifts, perhaps the most valuable of them is faith.

You will become a leader. You will be resolute and courageous. You will come across many innovative ideas. And you're smart and brave enough to put them into practice. You are able to manage people.
These features make it possible to succeed and fulfill your plan.

Life cycle 2. Pinnacle 7. This is a period of internal development and search of the truth. You'll have to deal with really important issues related to personal existence and meaning of life.
You'll need more time to be alone to ponder the state of your inner world. This is a period of spiritual growth. You'll feel that your faith will get strengthened. The forces of the universe catch you and bear forward. You'll have a refined perception of poetry and nature.

This is also a period of specialization. You'll study every interesting object with fervor and zeal. Your ability to focus will strongly increase. You will be constantly experiencing a desire to learn, read, get engaged in self-reflection and meditation. Your intuition is developed. It is easier and faster to go your own way, because you intuitively feel what the next step should be.

During the culmination you can become an expert in any field. You have unlimited ability to penetrate into the inner essence of things, you can see what is hidden behind the surface. It is very likely that you will try to pretend to be a teacher. You must consciously work to establish good relations, especially with your wife and children. Tell them that your care is not associated with a desire to get away from those you love, but it is simply a deep psychic need.

In this culmination of spiritual growth the new knowledge and wisdom are the reward. This is the basis for life in old age, because you begin to understand life better.
Your task is to avoid manifestation of cynicism in yourself and others. You may become a victim of public opinion. But sarcasm is the lowest form of communication, remember this.

You sincerely want to reach a high degree of perfection. That desire will make you miserable if you lose perspective and will no longer understand the relativity of human existence. Excellence is a utopia, an unattainable dream. Because of the desire for perfection, you can feel frustration aimed at yourself and others.
You are given a chance for self-improvement, providence, and gaining wisdom. A thorough understanding of this lies in the basis of self-love and true happiness.

Life cycle 3. Pinnacle 8. Under the impact of this culmination, you will have a talent for successful business and financial affairs.
Culmination increases your personal power. You possess fairness and acumen. These qualities are the basis of your financial success. People are feeling your strength. They care about your opinion and appeal to you with questions. You can organize a large enterprise. Problems do not burden you too much. You will feel the increased strength, as well as the growing sense of stability and balance. You can have almost magical impact on the development of projects. You are very determined. You quietly and persistently move towards fulfillment of desires. Your objective in this period is balance of human and spiritual qualities. You will have a huge desire to make money and make them your only priority while completely excluding other intangible human values. This path will inevitably lead to losses. You'd better learn the real value of money and their role in life. If you put money on the altar, you will become their slave.

If your attitude toward money gets reasonable and moderate, you will have a proper perspective, in this case for you the culmination of 8 will be a blessed period, both materially and spiritually.
Number eight represents the equilibrium between finite and infinite, between material and spiritual. It offers excellent opportunities for growth.

Life cycle 4. Pinnacle 5. This period will teach you freedom. You will travel over long distances, will meet new people, will have new experiences and adventures and will learn a lot about life. You are in a period of experimentation and learning. Your teacher is your life experience.
You will cope better with words, will easily express your thoughts. You will be presented regularly of new opportunities for work, travel and exotic experiences.

Your task mustn't be like a stone that is rolling downhill. You should follow of some specific cases, career or relationships. Note that these are not limits for your freedom. Many opportunities will give you a solid foundation for further action. Otherwise, you'll be rushing from one meaningless job to another, from one superficial relationship to another. Also, you can become a victim of abuse, food, sex and drugs.

You should know the true meaning of freedom, which is not always contrary to love. You can give your love and energy, but not being tied to a certain place, or to a certain person. This is a sublime way, when you are offering yourself and requiring segregation in love. Many people go away from this path.
You need to develop talents, especially those associated with languages and literature. Probably you'll be a good salesman or manager.

You must understand that restrictions are the basis of your freedom, which does not exist without limitation; if you don't accept it, you will not be a fully developed individual and will not be able to exist in full.

Challenges Numbers 1, 7, 8, 5

Everyone is born with strengths and weaknesses of character. During educational process, a person must discover and develop your talents, and to transform weakness into strength. In general, that is the essence of our being.
Challenges are very important because they tell you about your specific weaknesses. If you know the nature of your weakness, you get a handy tool for turning weakness into strength. Without this knowledge you remain a victim. Your shortcomings are an obstacle between you and a full, rich

experience and satisfaction of carrying this life.
Your life-determining number, birthday and challenge are based on the date of your birth. They link you to the moment when you come into this world and become a human being with a unique individuality. All these numbers are connected to each other and help to understand each other, they are essentially a single package of information.
There are four challenges, with which people can encounter in their lifetime. For most people, some challenges are heard repeatedly, for others - all four challenges are different. In fact, a challenge is a call for exploring some of the negative character traits, in other words, a life task.
Each challenge corresponds to a certain period of life, except the third, or main, challenge, which is stretched during the entire period from birth to death.
Challenges can occur not only at any certain year of life - their arrival and changes appear due to the dynamics of karmic debts. At time of your birth all of your challenges are with you.
The first challenge becomes relevant in the early period of your life, and often lasts until early adulthood, its duration depends on how soon you will face the problem and resolve it.
Before you've fully explored the first challenge, the second challenge will begin. The most intense second challenges come in adulthood.
The third, or main, challenge is unique. It can last throughout life, and its impact is stronger than that of the rest challenges.
The fourth and last challenge comes into force during the period of late maturity, and working with it falls on the final stage of life.

Life cycle 1. Challenge 2. You are very sensitive and highly dependent on the opinions of others. You repress yourself, trying to be inconspicuous. You may be overwhelmed with feelings of conscience, afraid of gossip at your expense. And as a result of all this, you fall into a state of inhibition. In general, this situation leads to suppression of individuality and independence. You want to mingle with the crowd and disappear.

We must allow our own feelings and emotions play a due role. Hypersensitivity to the causes of fear, depression and lack of confidence is not good. You are full of unnecessary fear and emotional turmoil.
Small problems seem huge and insurmountable obstacles, and this produces a paralyzing effect on you. Envy can bring a lot of pain and confusion.

These negative impacts, identified Hail, PA grow the same soil, which is a substrate for overcoming them. Negative aspects are the other side of your heightened awareness of things and deep intuition. You, as a sensitive antenna, perceive the experience of others: before a single word is uttered by someone, you already feel the emotional waves. You lack inner strength to keep your emotions, and you can easily give in to the atmosphere that reigns outside. This leads you to greater understanding and compassion, you have a high sense of ownership to the spiritual experiences of others, and you have to do much good for people.


Life cycle 2. Challenge 5. There is a danger of becoming a rock rolling downhill. Thirst for life pleasures can easily outweigh all other ambitions. You need to have freedom, try to experience everything and go everywhere. You should be alert, not indulge yourself in alcohol, food, drugs and sex.
You should work on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships. Be tolerant and benevolent. You have to understand that in your life there should be people who will be something more than just a company for you.
You should subdue your impulses. You must change the situation if it does not meet your requirements. Work on long- term plans to maintain friendly relations with people.
If there is little of numbers "5"in your numerological map, then this means that you are afraid of changes and can't work with people and situations. This throws you back, limiting your growth. Learn to calculate risks, become more enterprising.

Life cycle 3. Challenge 3. The most severe critic for you are? you. You suppress your individuality and creativity. Whenever ready to impress, you advance in doubt about the necessity of this step, and then fall into a rigid self-criticism. A critical attitude towards yourself is much stronger than towards other people.
As a result, you are trying not to take risks and always stay on the sidelines of life. You rarely show what you have on your mind, replacing sincerity by humor and empty phrases.
You often feel lonely. You fear of social activity, which requires you to experience great stress: always be an alert, joking and depict-shirt guy. Your creative energy can be expressed in art, especially through writing, drawing, singing and dance.
Efforts should be made to give out your true essence. You have to assess your talents and capabilities, with as little as possible based on the opinions of others. This process, in essence, is a form of individual formation, in which you transform into a human being worthy of respect. Become free and independent.

Life cycle 4. Challenge 3. The most severe critic for you are? you. You suppress your individuality and creativity. Whenever ready to impress, you advance in doubt about the necessity of this step, and then fall into a rigid self-criticism. A critical attitude towards yourself is much stronger than towards other people.
As a result, you are trying not to take risks and always stay on the sidelines of life. You rarely show what you have on your mind, replacing sincerity by humor and empty phrases.
You often feel lonely. You fear of social activity, which requires you to experience great stress: always be an alert, joking and depict-shirt guy. Your creative energy can be expressed in art, especially through writing, drawing, singing and dance.
Efforts should be made to give out your true essence. You have to assess your talents and capabilities, with as little as possible based on the opinions of others. This process, in essence, is a form of individual formation, in which you transform into a human being worthy of respect. Become free and independent.

Personal Year Number: 6

The influence of personal year begins in January and ends in December. Peak period equal to 3 months takes place at the end of each year. During the first three months of the year the influence of the previous year decreases, and the current year continues to build up energy. The highest energy level, and thus the highest influence are in September. After this period, influence of the subsequent year appears. Thus, there is a period in which the effect of two years is joint together: the impact of the old year wanes and the impact of the next year is increasing.

Influence of personal annual cycle is very strong, perhaps stronger than that of any other cycle. There are also other cycles that affect you at this time, but each of them acting on their own. Impact of cycles, based on date of birth, is felt as influence from outside. Events and circumstances resulting from other forces, change the charge or direction of your energy. The order in which stages follow one another, are always the same: 1, 2, 3 and so on up to 9, and then all over again.

2010 (4). This year will bring to you a lot of hard work, discipline and opportunities.
This year should be organized and practical. Take care of the details. Dedicate yourself wholly to your goals. The efficiency of your efforts this year will depend on whether you get a sense of reality and enough determination.
Maybe you'll feel a decrease, so you should expect some disappointment. However, do not miss opportunities. Travels related to gainful employment are very likely.
You need to be flexible, to use every opportunity. This will require a combination of perseverance and hard work. You are waiting for recognition of your efforts and support of friends and family.
This will be a good year for purchasing property or rebuilding your house; the right time to implement the decisions and plans that were once sat on.
Fulfill your obligations and do not be afraid to spend some of the hard-earned money. Trade is in most cases successful this year.
It is time to prepare for a new job next year, expecting that you will get great satisfaction and relief
January and February will bring some important changes, perhaps new opportunities. March calls for a revision of plans. This is time for meditation and reflection on what lies ahead. In June, you will make a new and important step, it is possible that there will be a pause in work. October brings changes and a sense of chaos. You can be frightened by the changes which will appear on your horizon. But in November luck in promotion or in the form of additional financial support will return to you.


2011 (5). This year will bring changes, presenting you freedom and at the same time unpredictability.
This year the dynamic changes become usual. Many wonders will happen in your life. Are you ready to seize new opportunities? You can significantly advance if you agree to take some risks.
Wisdom and prudence are basic principles, but you will certainly encounter with a choice that requires quick response and willingness to act.
This is a delightful year, you will need to show yourself to gain maximum advantage from the work ahead.
There will be opportunities to travel, you will even probably have to relocate. You will be assailed by carnal desires. Be careful and insightful. Do not allow mistakes. You will have some unexpected adventures and happy changes in this year. You are going to fail if using conventional approaches and characteristics. Put on fire everything old and adapt to the new. This is a time of rebirth and liberation after last year's fight.
This year, changes occur constantly, especially in April and May. July will be time for a break and enjoying life. September can get intense, and in October tact and balance will be required in relationships.

2012 (6). This year will bring increased responsibility, organizing household and office problems.
This is a year of progress and financial performance. Important changes occur in the career of your own accord. It's a year of change, during which personal growth will be accompanied by new responsibility and challenge.
Pay attention to the needs of family and friends. Take their problems closer to heart, make a bit of sacrifice. Understand the importance of your position in society. You will be frequently needed by others. You are a great friend, sometimes quite an irreplaceable person. You should work on creating atmosphere of balance and harmony. Often at this time you will have to pay attention to marital issues, which can be addressed successfully if guided by love.
These deep feelings bring renewal to relationships, your family may be waiting for the birth of a child.
May will be an emotional month, full of promises. June will be a month of respite and faith. September will bring success, October is time for change, and in December there will be a sense of finality.

2013 (7). This is a year of meditation, gaining self-confidence and peace of reconciliation.
You will experience strong desire for solitude; you can retire into yourself, find some important answers and get to know yourself. This year was not intended either for society or for achievement of material prosperity.
You will find that everyday needs are fulfilled by themselves. Do not worry about physical and material needs, except, of course, really important ones. Pay more attention to yourself. It is your spiritual and physical condition that requires attention.
Improve the quality of your life. Read, think, use your intuition. Rest and pay attention to health.
That was the year when you built up the foundation of your life. At the end, your success in any business will be based on your inner strength. This year many strange and unusual events will happen. Enjoy the beauty and joy of life.
Too close attention to material things can spoil this period of life, whereas the ratio of "all the power of God" will make this year surprisingly rewarding and enjoyable.

2014 (8). This is year of receiving awards, recognition and respecting other people.
This is a very nice year, you will feel relieved. Finally everything works fine. Long deferred payments and promotions found you. You saw the light at the end of the financial tunnel, and your inner strength and confidence burst out.
This is a year of gathering crops, and depending on how you have worked for seven years, you will receive an appropriate reward.
In these cycles, there is certain beauty. You somehow know that you are carried by the flow and do not have to fight over.
You can work full time and enjoy growth of material prosperity. At the same time, you are required certain detachment, because happiness is yet to come, and now you are just getting new experience of life. That is why before the eighth year, you had so many opportunities for growth.
Give up your ambitions, feel yourself as a wise, serious person, able to achieve great purposes.
Your strength is obvious and mighty, intellectual and creative abilities, insight and intuition are at utmost height. Perhaps, you should expect some losses: like bankruptcy or an accident. But you should not succumb to fear and doubt. Only in this case there will be a good year.

2015 (9). This year will bring completion, release and transformation.
This year is meant to complete all unfinished businesses. You must clean up your house and prepare a place for new things.
Get rid of excess weight, dispose of or sell everything that you not need to pay old debts.
You will feel spiritual renewal, will pay attention to others and their needs. You must find ways to help, spend time and energy to eliminate the causes of failures. This is time of achievements. All the problems must be eliminated, strained relations resolved. You will find that there is a source of stress at work or at home, and must cope with it.
Be sociable, enjoy music, theater. Your creativity is higher than usual.
Your courage and strength will be tested several times. In general, the year has passed smoothly, but you should feel the release and the beginning of a break at the end of the year.
This year completes the 9-year epicycle. You will feel approach of a new and promising era, optimism comes to define your mood. Do not be afraid to give up love for promising work.

2016 (1). This means new beginnings, planting of the harvest, time of high energy.
Be prepared to global changes. There is a grand new project waiting for you. You will feel a strong impetus to new purposes.
It is time for insight and planning. Share your dreams with others, build plans, receive the necessary support, but rely only on yourself, on your strength. Be decisive!
You start a new 9-year epicycle. All that's going on now will affect your future life. Be targeted, courageous and persistent.
You may experience emotional distress, especially in the first two or three months. But you have to make the wheel spinning. You must change a lot and do a great job.
Be open, organized and purposeful. Avoid distractions and waste of time.
You are at a crossroads. You will need courage and clear head in order to stay on the right track.
The key months of the coming year are March, April, July, August and October. In March, you build your plans. In April, there will come certain changes, for example, change of residence or work. In July and August you will see the fruits of your labor. October is the main turning point, frequently associated with emotional experiences. At the end of the year, your plans will mould into a more specific form.

2017 (2). It means establishing relationships, increasing sensitivity, and new partnership.
This year, you must carefully protect and nurture your plans. Be like a mother looking after your child, you're worried about any threat, real or imaginary.
You need tact and cooperation to move forward. Possible confrontations with others will require a soft and delicate approach. You should continue to focus on achieving your goals, but try to be equally gentle and persistent. You will be extremely sensitive, often have to wonder what happened to the pressure and energy which overwhelmed you in the past year. This year, you need something else: delicate sense of balance, desire to avoid obstacles, without losing sight of the goal.
You may experience some depression and emotional distress. This year will bring you struggle, but there are plenty of opportunities to advance in the implementation of your plans: a slow growth, requiring calmness, will lead to success. Be choosy in your relationship: do not tell too much about your plans, be more secretive, protect yourself and your ideas. Be wise in choosing friends. It is possible to establish close, perhaps even lifelong, relationships.
Because of increase of your sensitivity and openness, you will discover many people as soulmates during this year.
May will be the main month of this year. You have strong intuition and sensitivity, easier to communicate with people, you simply have an impact on the life of satellites, because you have become much more confident. July brings the culmination of plans and a leap forward. September is a month of high emotions, we must act with tact and inner resolve. "Second" year will be the year of growth and advancement, but with kindness and indirect impact of your personal energy.

2018 (3). This means creativity, creation and inspiration.
This is the year of expansion and personal growth. This is time of enhanced self-expression. Creativity and artistic talent occupy key positions. You are encouraged and are involved in any social events.
You will meet new cool people. It is time to evaluate what you have.
You are very dynamic and full of energy. Your task is to try not to dissipate this energy. You have a rare opportunity to promote new creative ideas. It requires discipline and introspection.
You are full of optimism and enthusiasm, this year will help promote your plans.
Failures and disappointments are possible if your optimism will not be supported by real work.
This is an exciting time for friendship and love.
This year is often successful in financial terms, especially if you select the right direction. This year you can travel more than usual. In any case, it will bring you wonderful new friends and much fun.
Control your addiction to glitter and extravagance this year, but also prepare to have more fun and more feast.
You communicate easily and readily defend your ideas.
February will bring changes, in June, you will see execution of your plans, in July, there will be some new beginnings. August can move you up, as well as November.

Personal Month Number: 3

Just as we enter a 9-year cycle, we feel the influence of 9-month and 9-day cycle, although they are less pronounced than the personal annual cycle. Personal monthly cycles and personal daily cycles are formed under the same scheme - from 1 to 9, as well as personal annual cycles. Numbers of month and day cycles have an effect similar to the corresponding number of personal annual cycle, although this effect is much weaker.

4/2012 (1). This number represents new beginnings, meeting new people, new ideas, high energy, will power, courage, ambition, independence, leadership, determination, ingenuity and initiative.
The bad things include: impulsiveness, stubbornness, a tendency to chauvinism, confrontation, anxiety and cynicism. You should wear colors: red, orange, terracotta, purple.


5/2012 (2). At this moment you are sensitive, tactful, diplomatic, assertive, modest, cheerful, friendly, romantic, sociable, like comfort.
Negative traits include: embarrassment, fear, inconsistency, falsehood, a tendency to theatrical effects, cowardice.
You should wear gold, white, black, yellow or salmon colors.

6/2012 (3). You tend to be creative, you have good imagination, inspiration, motivation, optimism, self-expression, dynamism, you are happy, lucky, attractive, amorous, and have the gift of prophecy.
Negative characteristics include: selfishness, talkativeness, extravagance and criticism.
Get dressed in amber, the color of red wine, green leaves and pink.

7/2012 (4). You are a good leader, manage to do a lot of work, pay attention to details. With this number, you are decisive, punctual, methodical, constructive, practical and persistent.
However, you are also limited, chaotic and prone to depression, slow, stubborn and angry.
Wear green, blue, gray, turquoise or light brown.

8/2012 (5). You are dynamic, lively, progressive, talkative, social-oriented, original, witty, flexible, freedom-loving, calm, romantic, love adventure and travel.
Your weaknesses include: unreliable, temperamental.
You should wear red, turquoise, pink, black or blue.

9/2012 (6). You are tied to the house, like closed space, want to help people and to sacrifice yourself, you are harmonious, caring, loving, calm, sympathetic, balanced, sensitive, romantic, artistic, show good knowledge of legal matters.
Disadvantages: development of a sense of guilt, selfishness, discord with yourself.

You should be dressed in bright red, yellow, mustard, sea-green and silver.

10/2012 (7). You are emotional, prone to meditation, contemplation, you are confident, intuitive, relaxed, pedantic, observant, charming, reading, a good student, ready to solve problems and explore.
However, you are closed, irritable, suspicious, and greedy.
Wear violet, purple or turquoise.

11/2012 (8). You are a real businessperson, smart, strong, responsible, generous, powerful, insightful, able to plan your life and earn money; you are a good judge of people.
Negative traits: dishonesty, avarice, you expect problems with money, you inherent arrogance and aggressiveness. Your should wear beige, tan, golden, gray-blue or limegreen colors.

12/2012 (9). You live a segregated life, are able to teach and heal, are humane, artistic, intelligent, calm, sociable, intelligent, idealistic, can forgive and very gifted.
Negative features: alienation, indifference, narcissism and self-pity.
Get dressed in the colors of gold, lavender, olive, green and red.

Personal Day Number: 8

6/12/2012 (6). You are tied to the house, like closed space, want to help people and to sacrifice yourself, you are harmonious, caring, loving, calm, sympathetic, balanced, sensitive, romantic, artistic, show good knowledge of legal matters.
Disadvantages: development of a sense of guilt, selfishness, discord with yourself.

You should be dressed in bright red, yellow, mustard, sea-green and silver.

6/13/2012 (7). You are emotional, prone to meditation, contemplation, you are confident, intuitive, relaxed, pedantic, observant, charming, reading, a good student, ready to solve problems and explore.
However, you are closed, irritable, suspicious, and greedy.
Wear violet, purple or turquoise.


6/14/2012 (8). You are a real businessperson, smart, strong, responsible, generous, powerful, insightful, able to plan your life and earn money; you are a good judge of people.
Negative traits: dishonesty, avarice, you expect problems with money, you inherent arrogance and aggressiveness. Your should wear beige, tan, golden, gray-blue or limegreen colors.

6/15/2012 (9). You live a segregated life, are able to teach and heal, are humane, artistic, intelligent, calm, sociable, intelligent, idealistic, can forgive and very gifted.
Negative features: alienation, indifference, narcissism and self-pity.
Get dressed in the colors of gold, lavender, olive, green and red.

6/16/2012 (1). This number represents new beginnings, meeting new people, new ideas, high energy, will power, courage, ambition, independence, leadership, determination, ingenuity and initiative.
The bad things include: impulsiveness, stubbornness, a tendency to chauvinism, confrontation, anxiety and cynicism. You should wear colors: red, orange, terracotta, purple.

6/17/2012 (2). At this moment you are sensitive, tactful, diplomatic, assertive, modest, cheerful, friendly, romantic, sociable, like comfort.
Negative traits include: embarrassment, fear, inconsistency, falsehood, a tendency to theatrical effects, cowardice. You should wear gold, white, black, yellow or salmon colors.

6/18/2012 (3). You tend to be creative, you have good imagination, inspiration, motivation, optimism, self-expression, dynamism, you are happy, lucky, attractive, amorous, and have the gift of prophecy.
Negative characteristics include: selfishness, talkativeness, extravagance and criticism.
Get dressed in amber, the color of red wine, green leaves and pink.

6/19/2012 (4). You are a good leader, manage to do a lot of work, pay attention to details. With this number, you are decisive, punctual, methodical, constructive, practical and persistent.
However, you are also limited, chaotic and prone to depression, slow, stubborn and angry.
Wear green, blue, gray, turquoise or light brown.

6/20/2012 (5). You are dynamic, lively, progressive, talkative, social-oriented, original, witty, flexible, freedom-loving, calm, romantic, love adventure and travel.
Your weaknesses include: unreliable, temperamental.
You should wear red, turquoise, pink, black or blue.

Numerology Psychomatrix Chart for

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, Sun Apr 15 1990

Character (1) - 4
Energy (2) - 2
Interest (3) - 0
Health (4) - 1
Intuition (5) - 1
Labour (6) - 0
Luck (7) - 1
Duty (8) - 0
Memory (9) - 4
Purposeful (1-4-7) - 6 Family formation (2-5-8) - 3 Stability (3-6-9) - 4

Self appraisal (1-2-3) - 6 Finance (4-5-6) - 2 Talent (7-8-9) - 5 Spirituality (1-5-9) - 9 Sexual life (3-5-7) - 2

Character (1) - 4

In your psychomatrix number 1 stands for person's determination. People with this number are usually very determined in everything they do, all the time they proof that they are right.

People of this type have a very strong character and are determined in everything they do. This person is a leader and wants to be the best everywhere he is. But do not think that they are very pushy people, when they are not excited, they can remind you character "11". They also like to be praised, but do not try lying to them. They don't like people who cotton up to their chiefs and flirt with everyone. Women of this type are used to control their family and be a leader in it. Men with such character choose a career of professional military man or become directors of big companies. They are very good managers, they set a goal and reach it fast. During disputes, they don't like to cede, but do not exaggerate in an argument, because consider another point of view and never try to offend its opponent. Also these people are very fast in making decisions, and then they immediately walk back.

As we have said previously, it is a very strong type of character. This person is a leader everywhere, it doesn't matter weather it is man or woman. Usually marriages, where a woman is of type "1111" lead to a divorce, because a male with softer character will never let a woman to command him, so to obey her. So, it is batter to have a marriage with a person who has exactly the opposite type, the person, who is quiet and with a flexible character. It can be types "1", "11"and "111" or the overload of character like "111111 and more". The choice of partner will be by the strength. You shouldn't get married to a person who has as strong character as you have. It will be a disaster, you will always fight, and then, your feeling with time will fade. So do not choose as a partner type "1111" and "11111".
Provided you're given a "1111" character you are born to be a leader. You should never pass your leadership to anyone else whatever reason you have, otherwise you will eventually feel completely wrong about this. Any submission or humiliation is unacceptable for you either. Even if there is no way of taking leadership in particular place or situation (your workplace, for example), don't hide your inborn talents and always look for a chance for using those. Any forms of laziness are unanticipated as "1111" requires you to put concrete goals and work hardly towards achievements. The regrets won't work if you let your weakness prevail and find yourself disappointed about being idle and inactive. Instead, try to use advantage of your character's strengths: self-esteem, hardness, patience and purposefulness. Be confident about yourself, but remember that you may find obstacles within yourself rather than in someone else.


Energy (2) - 2

Since ancient times 2 was qualified as a digit representing core energy. More specifically, in Pythagorean Numeric System digit 2 denotes human energy. However this energy is not similar to what Acupuncture study calls Chi (or Qi), which is basically the energy of meridians in human organism. According to Numerology 2 stands for the energy of human interaction in family, at work etc. In other words, it denotes social activity. Later we will discuss that Chi energy is still involved - it is a driving energy of mutual transition of digits 2 and 4 - yet this doesn't take place in social

How do we define an 'energetic person'? It's not an easy concept, since it means something more than just being fresh and enthusiastic. A human full of energy is capable of doing what is necessary regardless of his or her feelings about those actions. The action that needs to be done may be accompanied with a number of barriers and difficulties, yet energetic person always has enough energy to overcome those and eventually succeed. Energy of such person is usually directed onto:
a) setting a certain goal;
b) going through required planning and development of strategy;
c) achieving the goal by following the plan.
Before we go on, we need to discuss another important concept tied with digit 2. On the spiritual level one person evaluates another by means of their energies that come into contact. Digit 2 characterizes compatibility of people through energetic contact. Here, 2 has a transitional energetic pair - it is digit 4. Specific transition between 2 and 4 can explain the fact that beautiful and physically perfect people always draw attention in society. Their contacting energy (digit 2) is reinforced with their healthy body. The energetic precondition of their attractiveness is that they can feed others with this outer energy (provided they are calm and kind individuals; aggressiveness ruins this effect).
If we take a look at the history, we see that many people studied the methods of increasing of the human energy. Qigong, Yoga, Wushu are all among disciplines that serve that purpose. It is undoubtedly that every human being needs to produce and consume this energy. When we speak about energy exchange, it is a fact that some humans produce more than consume, and others consume more than produce. Hence the energy, which is related to digit 2, involved herein is the subject of vampirism or donation. But we cannot state that a certain individual is a constant consumer (vampire) or producer (donor). Why not? Because the balance within consumption and production of energy changes as the person goes through different situations in his life. For example, everyone can behave like a vampire at times of anger, fear, illness, hunger, stress, pain. On the other hand, when you are in love, in a good mood or having a good time, you certainly serve as a donor. Now let's get down to examining the energetic donation and vampirism from point of view from each side of the process.
In any conversation (assume it's a dialog for simplicity) one human is acting as a donor, while another is acting as a vampire. It's important to understand and remember this. How do we define who is taking which part, especially taking to account that anytime they can switch their roles? There is a quite simple way to find out. The side which starts to speak about the other side or for interest of the other side is functioning as a donor. Correspondingly, the person who starts a talk about himself or herself or for own interests is becoming a vampire. That's the natural way any conversation is performed. But what if either side refuses changing its role? For example, your interlocutor seems inattentive to what you tell or insists on discussing his topic. That implies that his or her intention is to consume your energy. You may easily protect yourself from excessive energy donation though. Just start speaking about yourself or turn the talk into your interests - as soon as you do this, the other side is likely to end the conversation and pass you by.
Any human being can also get energy from food, drink, air, dialog, intimate intercourse, exercises of Qigong, Yoga and Wushu. People also tend to consume alcohol and narcotic substances which offer an extremely active inflow of energy, but that is at the cost of damage and suppression of the organism.
Now, after we discussed the basic facts of "2"-related energy, let's consider it in terms of individual psycho-matrix.

In case there is "22" in your psycho-matrix, you must know that you're fortunate. This is a normal amount of energy, a "must have" for everyone. The energy of "22" is considered to be favorable for social contacts and productive activity. You're communicative and cooperative, get on well with people around. People having this energy are good public speakers, storytellers, lectors. You can set considerable goals, knowing that you have enough energy to achieve those. With this energy, a person never tends to be lazy. If he or she shows laziness, it has nothing to do with their energy - the problem can be found in lowered self-esteem, lack of purposefulness or something alike). Provided you have one or two additional "4" in your psycho-matrix, you can go for some handicraft. This way monotonous and boring labor is not a big deal for you. If your psycho-matrix also includes many (two or more) digits of "3" and "5", you're an innate technician. An occupation of a teacher can be advised only under condition of having a strong character provided with additional "111" or "1111" in the psycho-matrix.

A person with sufficient energy is not the one avoiding confrontation. He or she will readily stand for own interests should it be necessary.
In terms of marriage, the person having "22" energy is the optimal partner for any other energy. The only thing which is not advisable is the complete similarity of spouses' energies (both being "22"), but even then we can't say that such marriage is unsuccessful. The compatibility should be primarily tested in terms of individual characters. If your character demands leadership, it would be better to be the one who donates energy - this way you have a chance to become a leader without much problem. In this case a partner having "no-2", "2" or "222" energy is preferable. On the other hand, if your character is weaker compared to your partner's one, it will all depend on you. If you can't stand to obey the partner's power, you should search someone who is weaker in terms of energy, and then he or she will (sometimes) yield to you in return for the energy you will donate. Otherwise, if you give in to your future spouse, you may search for a person with stronger energy like "22", "2222" and greater. Anyway, energy is not playing the main role in your case. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PEOPLE OF TYPE "22"

What can be recommended for a person with "22" in psycho-matrix? This is the case when recommendations deal with the question of using the energy instead of its cultivation or conservation. Remember, a person given a sufficient amount of energy is capable of setting and achieving goals. However, he or she may need help in developing purposefulness and raising self-esteem. Another point is not to let the energy be used promiscuously. It's important to direct it onto revealing all the person's abilities. That's exactly what energy is given for.

Interest (3) - 0

If you meet a person highly interested in science and technics, it is undoubtedly that he or she has a "3" in the psycho-matrix. The thing is that not all people have potential of revealing their talents in science. If we take mathematics or physics (i.e. precise disciplines), then the required number set is one of the following: 22, 55, 9 (or greater), 33 (or greater). Interest for humanitarian disciplines doesn't require "3" to be present though.

Basically, "3" is responsible for any kind of interest, not only the scientific kind. When analyzing the influence of this digit, we should not forget that it can belong to one of several lines, namely the first column (1, 2, 3), ascending diagonal (3, 5, 7) and the third row (3, 6, 9). In case the person's psycho-matrix doesn't include a few digits of "5" or "9", the person may be not interested in science at all. The reasonable conclusion is that if the science isn't the matter of interest of a "3"-person, then something else is. In order to get an idea on what that interest can be, we need to define which line the individual "3" exactly belongs to.
The first column (1, 2, 3) is responsible for the person's self-appraisal. If "3" belongs to this line, it can be stated that the person cares too much about his or her self-esteem, which as a rule leads to overestimation of self. In its turn this leads to underestimating of others ("Many people are not as clever as I am.") Such feature is usually recognized by the person's greed for giving advice, although he or she usually has neither knowledge nor experience on the matter of advice given. Along with "3", the psycho-matrix of such people usually includes one of the following set: "no-2", "2" or "222", "no-5", "9".
Ascending diagonal (3, 5, 7) concerns sexual, flesh-originated, material interests. In other words if the person's "3" belongs this line, his or her interests are limited to sexual adventures and money (note that money often loses to sex, since earning money is way harder). Promiscuity in sexual relationships is the most certain sign of "3" belonging to ascending diagonal.
The third row (3, 6, 9) is all about the person's stability. If "3" proves to be found in this line, the owner of such psycho- matrix is "drowning" in own habits (lots of those). He or she puts a great amount of sense and importance into habits and self-made rituals. What's worse, such person will usually try hard to convince others to copy his or her habits. As a rule, the ones who suffer this kind of obsession are people granted with power. Making their appearance in a new place, the first thing they do is involving people around them into self-made habits and rituals. Obviously, this behavior suppresses surrounding people, which means that a person having "3" belonging to the third row should never be appointed as executive or head manager. The absence of business and creativity skills in such people's character should never be ignored while recruiting them for particular job.


The interest for humanitarian disciplines doesn't require "3" to be present in psycho-matrix. In absence of "3", a person is usually interested in arts or humanitarian disciplines (philosophy, esthetics, sociology etc.). Usually such kind of interest is just fine unless we're speaking about interests of a child. It is sad but true that many parents ignore real interests of their children. For example, a girl is fond of music and wants to be a musician, whereas her mother insists that she needs a good knowledge of mathematics instead. Such position of a parent is quite inappropriate since the purpose and lifeline of a child is formed by the nature. The mankind exists owing to variety of interests. Otherwise it would eliminate itself. This idea can be explained this way: think if everyone had one and the same interest, painting for example. Who would build our houses then? Who would manufacture the food and clothes? Think along the same lines about humanitarian disciplines. So if your child is born without "3" in his or her psycho-matrix, let him or her reveal and accomplish his purpose, be it composing an outstanding music, creating new aspects of arts, or founding a principally new movement in philosophy.

Keeping in mind that "3" may belong to completely different lines, we may say that interests of a "no-3" person are quite instable. Such person is likely to underestimate his or her abilities, and so the real personality and purpose is discovered late. If this happens too late (by the time a person already has kids, a family, a career), he or she seizes any attempts of revealing their talents. As we started speaking about talent, it's worth to mention that the line responsible for talents is the third column (7, 8, 9).

The key idea you must realize is that an attempt of revealing your real personality does not mean you need to change your profession or quit the job that you do for living. You just need to give your hidden talent a try. Try to answer the question: Would people have an opportunity of admiring the books by Mark Twain if he never tried to unleash his literary talent? Even though Mark Twain worked in the crew of river transport ship somehow he took his chance on writing and surprisingly proved to be a talented writer. Think about how you would like to be remembered. The question is not about being remembered by your children and maybe grandchildren (grand-grandchildren probably won't even know your name). Your talent is given for creating something that will be remembered by much more people.

So, if you tend to humanitarian disciplines and arts (your psycho-matrix has many digits from the third row, but lacks "3" and "6"), try yourself at painting, composing music and alike.
There's also another thing you must know. As soon as you consider yourself a completely defined and revealed person you start getting older and get wrinkles soon. This is because your personality gave up. Contrarily, a person who is young in his or her heart and who is open to everything new and uses talents to the maximum always looks younger than the real age.

Health (4) - 1

How do you think, is it possible to depict the information on a person's health during his or her life just using the data of psycho-matrix (the date of birth etc.)? Of course, it's not a matter of defining it as "weak", "normal" or "strong" health - can we define more than that? Well, the answer is yes. And the digit "4" is exactly the one responsible for a person's health. As a rule, people are careless enough in health-related questions until "the lightning strikes" - they become sick, or suffer from a periodical disease. And then it's the time to refer to effects and consequences of "4".

Before we pass to discussing features of "4", let's see where the roots of health prediction originated from. There was a specialized numerological system in Ancient China. That system was combined with a scheme of organs' interaction according to Wu-Sin (five principal elements). Later we will analyze this scheme in detail. The original Chinese numerological scheme depicted correlation between organs included in Tjan (5 organs) and numbers between 5 and 9. Nowadays modern interaction scheme is extended to depict correlation of 10 organs. Only by means of analyzing the "Scheme of health" we may get an idea on possible diseases that a person can have over time, estimate the strength of particular organs and organism as a whole.

As for digit "4", it is not capable of defining local weaknesses; neither can it highlight illnesses which a person is vulnerable to, due to his or her energetic peculiarities. Basically, "4" is responsible for a person's body. Surprisingly, presence (or absence) of "4" in one's psycho-matrix gives enough information to assume what a person may look like, how attractive and physically strong is he or she; even without seeing or knowing anything else about this person. This fact makes "4" even more interesting than the detailed "Scheme of health".
"4" belongs to following numerological lines:
a) the first row (1, 4, 7) - purposefulness of a person;
b) the second column (4, 5, 6) - financial supply of a family.
Therefore, not only digit "4" can define overall body health; it also can answer the questions about the person's ability to set and achieve goals and his or her potential of making own family wealthy.
When it comes to estimating a person's health according to amount of digits "4" in his or her psycho-matrix, this should ever be compared to the real health state of that person. If the subject is an extremely sick and suffering person, who is unable to carry himself or herself out of problem, it's very probable that the problem is not solely medical and you should find out what is the energetic cause of the disease. Now let's discuss what "energetic cause" stands for and what ways of its detection exist. You see, there are diseases that start with no apparent reason. In such cases it's time to talk about not the disease itself, but more complicated events that preceded and eventually caused it. Such diseases cannot be cured with medicines or general practice. Following are the possible reasons of this:
1. Illness as a means of testing the person's strong features - kindness, tolerance, thoughtfulness (many digits of "7" and "8" are present).
2. Disease is given as a punishment for offences made to parents, a widow, an orphan or a certain individual.
3. Loss of digits "8" and "7" during transitions: 8 transits to 11 losing 4; 7 transits to 6 losing 4 (or 22 instead of 4).
4. Illness caused by someone else's evil force or evil eye.
5. Illness given as a contradiction (a person insisted and told everyone that he or she will not ever get this certain disease).
6. Disease acquired by a donor or extrasensory person, as a deal (explicit or concealed) with another person.


In case you have a single "4" in your psycho-matrix, your innate health is present, yet it's not too strong. In order to support and preserve your naturally acquired health, prophylactic measures are needed. Similar to the case of "no-4", a single "4" person is trying to avoid conflicts for they drain that person's energy and health. Pieces of advice given under "Health of a 'No-4' Person" section are all true and useful for a "4" person.
Provided you have four (or more) digits of "2" along with your "4", you're good to go for trying sports or physical labor. Moreover, if you have "22" or "2222 (and greater)" energy while owing a strong and patient character like "111" and "8", "1111" and "8", "11111" and "8", you can think about starting a career of administrator or politician. But always mind your "pros" and "cons" when choosing this profession. If you lack a strong character ("11" or "1" at least), you better not start career, which grants you power over other people, as you will soon find that your health reduced significantly (the cause of it lies in transition of 8 to 11 losing 4 or 22). Hard work related to household chores or working in the field also leads to draining your health, as the transition of 7 to 6 losing 4 or 22 happens similarly. Basically, it's not reasonable to sacrifice your health in order to make your dreams come true. Regardless of whether you achieve your goals or not, having poor health means that you are unable to enjoy your achievements. It's undoubtedly that preserving your health is a lot easier than trying to restore it after it is lost.

Intuition (5) - 1

In psycho-matrix, digit "5" is responsible for a person's logical skill and intuition, which determine his or her abilities of making plans and analyzing situations as well as being keen on precise disciplines and technics. The digit "5" occupies the central position in psycho-matrix, which means that along with its primary characteristics, it also has auxiliary influence. That is due to the fact that "5" belongs to four lines which may interfere with it:

1) the second column (4, 5, 6) - prosperity of the family; 2) the second row (2, 5, 8) - "family guy" features;

3) flesh-related diagonal (3, 5, 7) - flesh-originated interests, intimate life;
4) spiritual diagonal (1, 5, 9) - spiritual (religious) life.
Strong logical skill of a person is hardly ever expressed directly, because most of the time "5" is captured by one of the first three lines listed, however it rarely becomes captured by the spiritual diagonal (in such case a person becomes a religious fanatic).
Virtually nothing can be done to improve your intuition (the ability of making decisions in a manner like you know the consequences beforehand) since it just can be given at birth. Sometimes a person doesn't know how to use this ability though. As for logical skill, it can be explained as an ability of making consistent and reasonable conclusions which guide the person towards right decisions. By the way, it often happens that we assume people without "5" in their psycho-matrix to be logically skilled. The mistake is caused by the fact that such people surely have many digits of "9" - thus they can use their excellent memory to remember similar situations they have encountered, and make right decisions based on experience solely. It can be said that presence of two digits of "9" can make the same effect as one "5".
As for digit "5", the strong logical skill provided by it helps the person to recollect the information split into many pieces by uniting those. That greatly improves the person's memory and so we may say that presence of two digits of "5" in the psycho-matrix makes the same effect as an additional "9". That's exactly the way how a number transition occurs - "55" transits to "9", and "99" transits to "5".
People whose psycho-matrix includes two or more digits of "5" become a little dull, since they separate all their thoughts and conclusions to numerous steps which are often preceded by a long introduction, which is disliked by people around, especially those lacking "5". Looking for a partner for relationship or marriage, it's important to testify that difference in amount of digits "5" doesn't exceed 1, and it would be better if husband had the greater amount. It's crucial to understand that lines can empower the digit "5". As we already discussed, "5" may belong to four different lines which may empower it in the way the person wants it to.

There is a single digit of "5" in the psycho-matrix, logical skill is present, yet it is very low and hardly any better than that of a "no-5" person. The only notable difference comes up for persons that have many digits of "3" and "9" simultaneously (two of each and more). A stiff interest for techniques and precise disciplines pushes people towards studying of those, while an excellent memory collects examples of logical behavior, which makes a good result in improving the memory. During the lifetime a person is capable of cultivating an additional "5" (transition: "99" transits into additional "5".
Before you get your child oriented towards precise disciplines, putting hope on a newly acquired digit "5", you should look through his or her psycho-matrix and make sure that your child has enough energy for scientific occupation ("22", "2222" or greater), a good character for studies ("111" or "1111") and a strong memory ("99" or "9999" and greater). The most important thing you should realize is that every person is unique. Don't make your child change his or her mind according to your interests or the time's trends - this will result in losing another talent and suppressing genius within the child.


Labour (6) - 0

Digit "6" is one of the most controversial and complicated numbers within Numerological system. Right before we pass to describing its characteristics, it's worth to mention a well-known commentary regarding this number. Remember the passages in the Bible under Johan the Apostle's Revelation? An exact numeral, namely 666, is stated there as "the number of beast" and "hominid number". And so nowadays "666" is known as a beast's or Satan's number. Do you feel like we're entering the world of legends and tales? Let's find out how close it is to the common

For every aspect of this world there is always the corresponding opposite, and they both are set against each other. Examples are: truth-lie, small-big, right-wrong, soft-hard, water and flame, Good and Evil, God and Satan. Opposite concepts supplement each other as two sides of the truth. That's all there is to it: if there is God, the same way there is Satan. But what about that part of Johan the Apostle's Revelation that states "666" to be a "hominid number"? Consider this simple idea: if God and Satan are equal in power, than how come God could create the world, but Satan (as a representative of destructive force) cannot destroy it? I think we can treat those words literally: Satan (number "666") is an image or sign that belongs to people. Knowing that, we may find a way to secure ourselves and our nearest ones from effect of this sign if it appears in the psycho-matrix. The methods of securing will be discussed later.
If you look closely at all numbers together, you will easily notice that digits "6" and "9" are similar in their notation, and this is for a reason. Digit "9" is responsible for one's memory and mind, which are always devoted to accumulation of knowledge directed towards experience and wisdom. As for digit "6", it copies basic features of "9" (mind, knowledge), but "transverses" the goals: a person becomes forgetful relative to his or her nearest ones; a person's mind works towards power by means of suppression, humiliation and eventual extinction of another personality (not to be confused with murder, a person stays alive, yet his or her personality is completely destroyed). The knowledge concerning means of affecting personality, psychics, breaking one's health and vitality (including murder) has been accumulated for ages. Such knowledge acquired a status of "dark", and the people familiar with that knowledge are called "warlocks".
Now let's examine the minor meaning of digit "6" - interest for physical labor. There is a very simple explanation of this aspect: in early ages works in the field were performed by means of collaboration of a man and a horse. Now what is the total count of legs within that partnership? Amazing yet simple, isn't it?
But why the interest for physical labor is just a minor meaning of "6"? The reason is that it often loses to the interest for power and "dark knowledge". In other words, personality is grounded and suspended by power.

One doesn't have interest for physical labor if he or she lacks digit "6" in the psycho-matrix. Such person is a reluctant worker, who does physical labor only under force or necessity. In rare cases a "no-6" person can make it as a favor or tribute to another person. Such people are closer to arts and science. It's pointless to suggest them going for physical labor as they won't ever become good workers. They primarily imagine any given task as it is already completed, seeing an excellent result. For this reason they work accurately, in a slow pace, overly drowning in detail. But it shouldn't be confused with love to labor, as such people are not time-efficient and are only interested to get the result which satisfy them personally. They are most interested in arts and science, the specific branch can be highlighted with other numbers present in the psycho-matrix. If along with absence of "6" the person has "no-2", "4" or greater, "9", "no-5" - the winning option is dancing (doing ballet), since such person is agile and has a strong body. Occupation of an actor is recommended if we slightly change the above set: "no-6", "no-2", "4" or greater, "99". Provided with strong energy, one can succeed in music: "22", "2222" or greater. Painting requires purposefulness together with energy, therefore the optimal set is: "22" or greater, "111" or greater.

"No-6" persons also tend to scientific studies, but not related to techniques. Depending on other numbers in psycho- matrix, it can be advised to stick to humanitarian disciplines ("no-6", "no-5" and "9"), or to precise ones ("no-6", "55" or greater, "9").
Suppose your child (first of all this concerns girls) is having interest to handicraft: sewing, making clothes; carpentry (for boys). Is there anything to be done about that interest? Well, you need to develop the child's will to become a master of his occupation so the level of his or her handicraft makes it more to art than to handicraft. Remember hand-made carpets: an extremely hard and precise work which makes every carpet a masterpiece that is comparable to, say, picture or sculpture. Carpentry may also become an art if we think about carved furniture, mosaic etc.

Never strive for suppressing your children's interests. The main concept is to help a child to be revealed as a master who creates masterpieces. It's no point in avoiding such occupations as dancing, acting, singing, playing music. Think of Al Pacino - can you imagine the cinema world without this great actor?
Now what if your kid shows interest for sports? First, you need to estimate the strength of his digits of "4" (health) in order to find out how serious this interest is. Professional sport is not advised unless your child has "44" or greater.


Historically this number has been associated with good luck and often meant the sign of an angel. Number 7 is a sign of a luck, which can be granted only by supernatural forces and not earned by your actions or skills. And people did not treat only the number itself as a 'special one', the same was with the 7th day of the week - Sunday. In many religious cultures people prayed on Sundays and asked for solutions of problems or luck in important events.

But let us go back to our topic. Yes, number 7 is related to success, but did not you ever wonder how it works? The old explanation of the number was based on the following: amount of '7s', which were present in the matrix of a person, signified number of guardian angels this person had. This is not quite good explanation and the picture itself is not a clear one to imagine, but we had to mention this explanation in order to compare it to the actual meaning.


Human nature is very complex and often it is just impossible to explain why person behaves the exact way, or why there are no two identical people with similar characteristics. World is too large and diverse, it is impossible to explain every aspect of our life and behavior. Each one of us has his or her own mind, differing world views and talents given at birth.

When we were creating the school for children to develop their abilities and interests, we could not determine for a long time what the cause to make a child learn was. It is extremely hard to make a child to sit calm for about 40 minutes and teach him something. If you want to do that you better have a strong reason, which you will need to tell the child as a justification. And this justification has to be understandable for a child - do not use such rationales as 'your parents will be pleased', 'it will have a great influence on your future' or 'you just need to do it'. The answer is hidden in something more global.

A good example of differing world views may be presented by a famous parable, telling about three old blind men, who were presented an elephant and had to tell what it looks like. None of them had ever seen an elephant in their life, but each was claiming to be the wisest. They all were taken to the animal and given only one part to be examined: one of the old men was given elephant's trunk, other examined its tail, and the third one put his arms around huge legs of the animal. After this the old men were asked 'What is an elephant?'.

Then the first old man told that elephant was like a strong big snake, second one tried to prove that it was like a rope - long, strong, and shaggy, and the third old blind man though the elephant was big and tall column.

Can these wise men be called fools? Surely no! The reason was - they studied only part of an object and did not see the picture as a whole. This is very similar to how all people study the surrounding world and what tools they use. Many thing and event in life cannot be fully examined and understood by pair of eyes and pair of arms. Everything is more complex. Mother Nature did a great amount of job and put a part of knowledge about herself in each of us. Each of these pieces is unique and grants every owner special talents or abilities. The task of every person is to understand and develop those talents and abilities. Nobody else but you is responsible for discovering and development of the inner strengths.

Sometimes one life is just not enough for a person to discover himself, but in the second or third life he will surely release the potential. It takes about 100 years to discover and develop what the nature has put into one person. After the death of one person these knowledge are transferred to another person, who was just born.. That is the proof that every one of us is undoubtedly special!

Surely you must have felt that you are special and somehow differing from other people. It is just the right feeling, and what you have to do now is to analyze whether you have released your true potential and knowledge or no. Besides basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, and reproduction, Nature has given you inner wisdom and unique mind so that you could live better and develop your abilities or strengths. When you are a grown-up person and there came a time to give younger generation advice about life, teach how to solve problems or become better - think first: have you released your potential first? Because your advice may not be the right one otherwise ? All knowledge we get at schools, colleges or universities are important tools to understand the surrounding world and, what is more important, ourselves. Gathered knowledge is the 'passkey' needed to open the 'door' to all treasures and wonders, hidden in our mind.

Unfortunately, nowadays most teachers and tutors use old-fashioned education methods, which are not helpful for self- discovery. Ideally, teaching methods and programs should be changes in a way to help us determine what is more interesting to us. It is not fair if a person has strong interest in science, but is taught arts at school or college. He will not succeed in this sphere, because it is not corresponding to talents and abilities, inherent in our nature. Sometimes it is enough just to believe into a child and help him learn they way he wants to. Inner feelings and intuition will guide the way.

There was an interesting fact, even mentioned in Bible. Humans may live far longer, than we do now - first man Adam is said to live for 930 years, and Noah lived even longer - 950 years. There were many scientific studies, which proved that human organs have enough energy to serve for about 900 years. And why did people start to grow older? It is because they started to plan their lives and observed the nature: how animals became older, died, and new ones were born. The secret of long life is easier than you think - do not make plans, just live for today. Tomorrow everything will be fine. Introduction of such terms as 'birth date' and 'being n years old' led human beings to growing old.

Historically, all our life was divided into several distinctive stages with clear tasks. In childhood we play games and learn basic skills, youth is always associated with education and first application of acquired skills. Puberty is the time when young families are created, middle-age is for giving birth and raising children, mature age is time to strengthen the family and creation of material wealth, old age is related to raising grandchildren, and elder age is time when acquired property is transferred to children and grandchildren, preparation for upcoming death. There is the only way to extend life - you should take care of every stage, take the maximum out of it and make it longer. The most important stage is childhood, because during it a person acquires most knowledge and makes important discoveries. Education and preparation to release inner potential fully depends upon our mind, how we use, treat, and develop it. If the childhood stage will be extended, a person will have more time to gain knowledge (which is so crucial for self-discovery). Famous scientist, Albert Einstein, told that he had discovered the Theory of Relativity only because he always stayed a child deep inside.

Long life is given to a person for self-revealing and development. As soon as he finds out the right sphere the development starts. But if a person sets boundaries of knowledge he will get - the process of going older begins. Nature thinks that the person has fulfilled his role and does not need to develop anymore. Unfortunately, very often we judge our worthiness by what others think about us, forgetting about tasks and responsibilities given at birth. Learning is a key to development and well being. Also you will not grow old so fast, because as far as you think and reflect the events of outer world.

Modern scientific and technological discoveries are regulated by group of people, who think they are so important that can control all the discoveries in various areas. This is totally inacceptable - true knowledge is not developed in vacuum. Most important discoveries belong to genius people, who did not care about public opinion.

Finally, we are up to the point to discuss the meaning of number 7, so important and influential for everyone's life task. More and more often we face the situations, when Nature has actually corrected the birth dates of people, allowing predetermined numbers in psycho-matrix. Therefore, a person is born with specific talents and areas of interest. That is why psycho-matrix is the most important determinant of a person's destiny - it has to be carefully examined and used for unleashing the inner potential.

People, who have number 7 in their psycho-matrix, are occupying special position in this list. The Nature itself was interested in discovering and exploring such people.

Let us look at the example. Suppose that famous scientist I. Newton was born 2 or 3 hundred years earlier or later.. Then his discovery would've change the technical progress and our history, because all mechanics, physics, and other technical disciplines are based on his discoveries. It was meant to make the discovery when it was necessary most of all. In some people's minds there are important knowledge, which will eventually lead to great discoveries. Special people have own communication channel with Nature: they use numbers 0 and 7 for those purposes. Zero is a sign of a person, who is meant to make a discovery in predetermined area. As for number 7 - it means that person had important data in his mind, which will be very useful during the life and vital for some discoveries. The Nature itself protects such person, that is where all good luck comes from. The more 7s a person has in his matrix - the more important role he has.

If the person has just one number "7" in his psychomatrix, it means that he has insignificant fortune. This type is rather weak. He is protected of failures but just a little.
It is necessary to help the child to open himself if he has just one "seven" in his psychomatrix. An important thing is to open his preferences as early as it is possible. Thank that you will be able to understand in which sphere he has to open himself. To find out his strong and weak sides is to avoid some unpleasant things and accidents. It is necessary to notice important things for self-perfection of your child. To put the energy for enhancement of weak features is not good choice. It is more clever and rational to develop the strong sides of the child. There is just one reason to work on weak sides - if they disturb and hinder the person.

If at east one "7" appears in the psychomatrics it appears the obligatory for the person to open his potential in the definite direction. But, the choice of direction is rather wide thanks to one "7". As soon as a person makes step in a wrong direction, he receives failures which are the note that it is wrong way. Exactly the wide range of "ways" and "directions" are the reason of difficulties in making choice. The main recommendation here is to feel your heart and follow its instructions.

Having one 'seven' in your psychomatrix do not relax. Do not think that you are completely protected of all troubles. All depends on you and just on you. It is always necessary to control yourself as for call of duty, tolerance and kindness. Remember, please, that passage from number "6" to "7" exists. At that people may lose not just fortune, but also health. It often happens that the person meets many troubles on his way, has difficult financial situation. Destiny does it especially to activate intellectual abilities of person and to show the person what he can do, his forces. You will have fortune, financial stability and power as soon as you do many useful things for the other people. I'll remind one more time that the preservation of "seven" depends on your relation to parents and your feelings to them. It appears conflict if you have one or more "6" in your matrix as well as the conflict between features for which they are responsible.



Digit "8" is responsible for kindness, tolerance and feeling of duty regarding parents, relatives. These are important things which we have to pay more attention. We can call "8" one of the most important digits. All the psychomatrix depends on it. Many features of character depend on presence of "8".

Composing the list of close relatives we see that they are eight: mother, father, brother or sister,

wife, son, daughter, father-in law, mother-in-law. You have special relations and feeling to these people. That is why exactly "eight" is responsible for several the most important features of person. But parents are the main in this list. We did not choose them, but they gave us life.
We are not always tolerant to our relatives. However, they are the closest people for us. We can be tolerant in society, when we need it. We can be tolerant with clients of the company we work in. We can be tolerant with our boss?.The list of tolerance may be continued. We often speak about this feature of character. Different people understand it in different ways. Sombody thinks that it means submission. Others think that it is silence and compliance. But tolerance means ability to be tolerant to the person near you and to his or her habits, whishes and opinions. Writing examples of tolerant behavior, we did not say that tolerance is necessary in that situation. The same is with parents and relatives.
Try to understand that every person has his own weaknesses and imperfections. By the way, you are not perfect too. The other people are forbearing with you. You have to be the same. Sometimes maybe you think something like: "why do I have such parents? It would be better if they are?" But, you have something; you do not have something another. If Nature gave to the person great health, high intellect, it doe not give slim body or beauty. All is in balance in this world.

There are no ''eights'' on matrixes. Is this positive or negative thing? It would not be surprise for me if you tell that such kind of person has no obligation since childhood, so, it's bad, because this person has no. You are right in some way, but only in general. Yea, people don't have obligation since they are born, and indulgence and kindness also.
Let's make some philological analyze of this situation. First of all, we can say that person, has his temper in the raw, its means that force of his temper describe only his own 'ones'. For example, if person has one or two 'ones' in his matrix and has no 'eights' than we can say that those two matrix a very similar. Those people are weak-willed, egoistical, they want fight for their opinion using any ways they can, but they don't want take responsibility. Difference between those two types' consents in next fact: person who has two ''twos'' stars to demand a praise. And this is a reason why such people often chose profession where they can show themselves and receive that praise (which they need so much). If we talking about tolerance of such people, the only reason why they are tolerance is weak-will - they just cannot overwhelm other people, but because of their own interests they don't take part in conflicts. As we see from this example such person can bear another person near, but this is consequence of kindness or tolerance ? it's just weak-will and indifferentism to another person, and often it could be fear of conflicts.

At that moment when sum of 'ones' overcome two, we can say that all three or even more ''ones'' in silent condition makes temper turn in new quality, when every couple of 'ones' gives 'eight'. Person becomes gentle, tolerance, kind that is corresponding to his silent condition. For example if person has "11111" temper, in silent condition he becomes ''1 and 88". Such turn helps person to get additional 22 and, that secure persons energy and his health. One thing that you have to remember in conversation with such person: if they don't have "eight' in their matrix they don't know how to resist from other people pressure, and often this factor becomes a reason of emotional blow and conflicts.
To cultivate obligation in person who has no ''eights'' you have to know a very simple chain of reasons and consequences. If his parents kind according to their parents, if they tolerant, person will receive that temper details from them, irrespective of number of 'eights'. In situation when parents turn aside from their own ''sons-duty'' their children will receive that temper details irrespective of 'eights' force. We can confidently say that numbers "eight' totally depend on persons (which you examine) parents. Before you will reproach your child for stubbornness - look at yourself!


Memory (9) - 4

The presence of number "nine" shows your clairvoyance, memorizing and intellectual skills. Let me explain why out of all numbers, this number. Each number's characteristics are connected with the characteristics of number that is foregoing. The number that is before number "nine", is number "eight". As we already know, number "eight" stands for the sense of duty to the relatives and especially parents. After our parents die we all suffer a lot and our suffering later transform to remembrance. Since number 9 goes after eight, after sense of duty, goes memory. If you speak

about some person who is very clever, you say that he is open-minded. Or when we say that person is smart and knows a lot, we mean that he remembers and keeps a lot of information in his mind. Well, here is another trick. If a person is very smart and clever, he is not wise.
Let's speak about such characteristic, as clairvoyance. A person who is clairvoyant has a big storage of knowledge in his mind. He knows a lot and has seen a lot, he has a great experience. A person with such experience can make a prediction relying on facts and situation that he has already seen or remembers. For example in some situation, he can predict the result, basing on a similar situation that has already happened to him in his life.

It is necessary to keep in mind that number "nine" is present in three rows that stand for different characteristics and can influence on this number. For example, third row stands for stability, if number "nine" is happened to be in a third row, that can cause lack of intellect and memory. This person can remember lots of small things and habits, that are not important and can just be a garbage to his memory and mind. The third column stands for talent. A decreasing diagonal is a line of spirituality that stands for person's spirituality. Of course, excessive spirituality usually can be a cause of religious, interests or passionate fanaticism. A person who has a good memory can be hypnotized with a lot of information in some field that can get his common sense switched off. If there are numbers 22 or more in your psychomatrix, and number nine is in decreasing diagonal, it is also advisable to have a good power of energy to get a possibility of you having clairvoyance skills.

Still, with number nine in your psychomatrix you have to develop your memory since you are a child.

A person that has three or more "nines" in his psychomatrix, despite a very good memory, discovers a new sense in him. It is another sense for what number "nine" is responsible for, clairvoyance. Let's analyze this sense. The way of clairvoyance can be different; it depends a lot on the energy of a person. If a man has a lot of "nines" in his psychomatrix, but there is only one number "two", it is a person with poor energy. He has a comparative sense of clairvoyance. It means that he remembers some situation that has happened to him before and makes an assumption on how this problem will be resolved, by remembering how it happened before. This type of clairvoyance usually is not reliable.

If a person with lots of "nines" in his psychomatrix has two or more number "two", this is a person with a strong energy. He can join the information field, because of his good memory. This big amount of information should not only be kept, but also be organized in his head, not to be washed away. He has to control what he remembered and what it connected with.

Usually, clairvoyance interrupts person's way of seeing a reality and disperses his memory. Sometimes, when making a prediction, clairvoyants, can make mistakes and tell wrong results, of what they saw. It happens because they can only see a shape of the situation or just an outline of an event. Sometimes they can just say the time of completion, but they can not say how the problem will be resolved. So, if we compare characteristics for "99" and "999"., we can say that a person with two nines has better memory.

A sign of prophet have people who have in their psychomatrix compositions "9999" or "99999". Usually their predictions and forecasts come true with fine precision. These are the people that found out about their sense a long time ago and developed it very carefully. They didn't let any other numbers in their psycho matrix to be dominant, and didn't let their "nines" to get absorbed by other lines.

You should be attentive when you find out that your child has a sense of prophet. Be aware that you are responsible for discovering his clairvoyance qualities. In the following we will give you some advises on how to make such a discovery. From a moment you found out this, you should help him to assign a scope of interests and to set a priority on improving himself in this field. Once you have started it, you should control him, when a potential in this field will reach a very high level. You will see how the situation will change. A hard work in this sphere will help him to obtain an access to the information field, where he can exchange information with those who have the same gift. He can receive this data from their information field by means of vision or in his dream. Usually this data appears in the form of shapes and symbols. First it will be hard for him to understand what it means. So you should not look up the meaning of a vision or of a dream in a dream book. Once he had received first information, he should begin to make his own dictionary of signs, in order to use it after, when he will receive the similar vision. You should always support your child and trust him, because he knows a lot. The main thing for him is that he should be confident in himself and trust his feeling, dreams, visions and premonitions.

Purposeful (1-4-7) - 6

Numbers in first row which include numbers 1, 4, 7 are all about the person's ability to achieve his objectives or succeed in something he planned and ability to assert his point of view. In general it shows how he is self-motivated. Now, let's see what you have in the first row.

When there are six or more numbers in your first row it means that sometimes you overestimate your abilities. You set up goals that are too hard to achieve or several goals at once, which can slowdown the way to it.


Family formation (2-5-8) - 3

The second row (2, 5, 8) shows the family attitude, wish on family formation, a feeling of being in a family. Let's analyze this character reference:

Three numbers ? people of this kind are often torn between the wish to have a family very fast or not to have it at all. Better take this person to the Civil Registry Office, once he decided to get married, because you might never get married to him at all.

Stability (3-6-9) - 4

The third row (3, 6, 9) specifies the stability of the character. For example what fears, affections or habits does the person have?

Four or five numbers in the third row stand have people who are very conservative. These people are very hard to convince to change a job or location. They usually stay in the same place or position for a whole life. These people are usually boring in their habits.

Self appraisal (1-2-3) - 6

Although the first column in Numerology is commonly characterized in literature as the column of selfish qualities, my opinion is that it appeals to the strength of an individual's self-esteem. Figures 1, 2 and 3, which comprise the first column, are accountable for the aspiration to be a vivid personality, i.e. to be distinguished from one's peers. In fact, selfish qualities are represented by a variation of digit 1, and not by the remaining column figures. As for the self-esteem, it's quite undoubtedly that any gifted and clever person needs to have relatively high self-esteem as a prerequisite for attaining

fulfillment in his or her life. If someone still insists on using the term "selfish" for describing properly developed self- esteem, I suggest adding explanation that in this instance we're talking about "healthy selfishness". You may argue that the boundary between "healthy" and "unhealthy" selfishness is blurry, but anyway you should understand that self- esteem is connected to selfishness, and so there can't be one without a portion of another.

Six digits in a line or greater. The first thing to warn such person about is that his self-esteem is overloaded. He or she ignores his or her true abilities in preference of appearance and exterior. Such person's priority is to demonstrate their look, and not their content.

Finance (4-5-6) - 2

Very sophisticated and active figures: 4 - health, 5 - logic and intuition, 6 - a tendency to physical labor and skill - together make up the second column. All three figures require human will to put enormous efforts to reveal complete potential. Think about it: can it be effortless to stick to a certain diet, to really care for health, or make long-term and realistic plan, perform physical labor? If the numbers that make up this line, require the participation of strong-willed persons, the whole line cannot do without it either. Combining these three qualities is characteristic of the second

column - the aspiration of man to financial independence, arrangement of his life, providing family financially.

Provided with two figures a person recognizes that he needs to feed his/her family, and fearing that in the future, begins to look for a profession, for the payment, which is offered. Consequently, individuals may suspend pursuing their dreams for the purpose of secured earnings, but under condition they have an option to put efforts to fulfillment of their dreams, they usually willingly do it as long as they are not very eager to feed themselves and their families.


Talent (7-8-9) - 5

Pythagoras Square's third column, namely numbers from 7 to 9 is responsible for human talent. The more numbers - the more talent. This does not necessarily state that if this line is very strong (4 or more digits included), then people will definitely be talented. Remember, the disclosure of talent is influenced by many figures and line Pythagoras Square: nature, self-esteem, commitment, energy, health, luck, and others. It is a combination of many characteristics and effort of the person given the goal.

It is very important to identify the area of application of person's forces. Do not seek to go with the flow of life. There is a list of "fashionable" professions: lawyers, bankers, company president, economist, etc. All of them have not been identified as talented people, but people who provide prosperity for themselves and their loved ones. Before you advise your child to choose the "money-giving" profession, think about his or her future. Refer to some historical information.

A person's value in the epoch he or she is living in is not determined by one's post, but by his or her talent. Develop your child's talent and he'll be thankful if you do not suggest to him the idea that having a talent is secondary, while the main thing is money and material sufficiency.
The world is populated with a lot of talented people, who didn't reach fulfillment. Actually around 85 to 90% of the world's inhabitants of the planet are talented. Before you stop the development of the child's interests, look at your own figures and ask yourself: Were you able to discover your capabilities and inclinations? If not, spare your child a chance, give him the opportunity to enter the Earth's history, and give yourself the opportunity to help him doing it.

One fundamental principle lies in understanding that each person is unique and is responsible to the nature (I have already said repeatedly, and I want to keep this simple thought hard to remember). We are all responsible for ourselves and our children for future generations. Each undiscovered talent will pull a whole chain of "unrevealed" people - this people will return to barbarism, war, terror, hate each other, the desire to turn everything around. Learn how to be responsible for yourself!
Just think, why we still choose normal or "better" school, kindergarten, doctor, teacher for our children... The fact is that more and more talented people go where they are paid and not where their talent is crucially needed. If any person could occupy the post he was born to, then we would have strong financiers, managers, state machinery, and many other places will take responsible people who know the technology and deeply understand production process. Then there will be no problem about where to go best. Everyone will get an occupation that will be favorable for revealing their abilities. As for family stability, this line makes no significant influence.

Spirituality (1-5-9) - 9

Considering Pythagoras Square, you must evaluate and correlate the mutual influence of the two diagonals (carnal and spiritual). It is their relationship which will play a key role in the strength of each line. Assessing the effect of each line, we can say that the following is important for a human's family: his interest in the spiritual principles of the partner or the material side (flesh, including the sexual sphere).

Descending diagonal contains the numbers one, five, and nine. It is responsible for the spirituality of man, his aspiration to spiritual intimacy and the higher principle - God, supreme intelligence, etc. The growth of human spirituality increases with the number of digits in that line. It can be stated that spirituality of an individual increases gradually from the lack of spirituality in the absence of digits to a maximum at five figures.

This line contains more than five digits (6 or more), then we'll talk about overloading of the quality which most often leads to fanaticism and idolatry, when all human norms are beginning to be distorted beyond recognition, taking its total opposite of what looks more like a lack of spirituality, than divine origin. Fanaticism in its higher stage is always spiritless, because it does not allow other viewpoints.


Sexual life (3-5-7) - 2

Ascending diagonal, namely figures three, five, and seven, defines carnal human interests: the temperament of sexual life.
The intimate life of an individual, his temperament and the need for intimacy are all dependent on the ascending diagonal. This issue is the primary crucial in terms of long-term successful and warm relationship. If proper match-up is not observed among partners, it often leads to family breakdown due to incompatibility of temperament.

Although the next table is a joke, it reflects the difference in the strength of temperaments fairly well. So, provided that a person possesses in his or her carnal (ascending) diagonal:
No figures - a person believes it is not necessary to be distracted by this subject matter
1 digit - 1 time a year will do

2 digits - maybe 2 times a month will satisfy one's needs 3 digits - 3 times a week are hardly enough
4 digits - unsatisfied unless 4 times a day
5 digits - 5 times per hour (remember this is a joke!)

6 digits or more - well, it couldn't be any bigger, needs the partner of similar enormous temperament Now let's discuss it in a more serious fashion.

2 and 3 digits signify an ordinary temperament. A person can have intimacy every day, but if not possible, he can wait calmly long enough.


Celebrities Report for


Date Number 6+4+1=11 Name Number 9/18

Celebrities with same Life Path


he experiences the implications of a double-edged sword.
Julianne is practical and down to earth with powerful ideas about wrong and right. Seeking to create a solid base, Julianne Moore would rather use hard work and long hours to grow a business or career. Precise, tenacious and persisting, she has great potential for success, but only after putting out effort and conquering the constraints she so often encounters.
Moore must cultivate adaptability in her personality. She is well suited for marriage and is likely to become a responsible, loving parent. However, anything that violates Moore's profound sense of order, such as separation or divorce might be a shattering experience for her.

Robert Downey Jr, 4/4/1965

Robert has the capacity to be a source of inspiration and illumination for people. He possesses an inordinate amount of energy and intuition. Robert Downey Jr. galvanizes every situation that he enters. He inspires people, but with no any conscious effort. Energy seems to flow through Downey without him controlling it.

Downey is a channel for information between the higher and the lower, between the realm of the archetype and the relative world. Ideas, thoughts, understanding, and insight - all of these can come to him without having to go through the normal thought process.

All of this amounts to a great capacity for invention. Many inventors, artists, religious leaders, prophets, and leading people in history have had the 11 controlling their chart. Because Downey is so highly charged,


with others, she still feels defenseless and strange.

Eva Mendes, 3/5/1974

Eva Mendes doesn't need to spend a lot of time on thinking procedures. Ideas and understanding come to her easily. She is like an connection between a low field and a higher field. She is like a bridge between the conscious and unconscious states. She can adjust to high level thoughts and read psychic information.

All of this helps her have a high level of creativity. Famous people that invent new things, prophets, and famous politicians have had their chart controlled by this number. Eva is living with two sides to her character. On one side she has the great skills to invent and create different things and on the other side, she criticizes and judges herself. She often feels too shy. Deep inside, she feels that she is not like other people but that she is unusual. When Eva is trying to socialize


Amanda Marshall, 8/29/1972

Amanda Marshall doesn't need to spend a lot of time on thinking because ideas and understanding comes to her easily. The main feature of the Life Path Number 11 is a constant struggle between ambitions and uncertainty. These people have the intelligence necessary for success, but they sometimes do not have enough power. It all results in a great outcome for creativity. Inventors, prophets, and famous politicians had their chart controlled by this number. Amanda is living with two sides to her character. On one side she has the great skill to invent and create different things and on the other side she criticizes and judges herself. She often feels too shy. Deep inside, she feels that she is not like other people; that she is unusual.

Annie Lennox, 12/25/1954

This singer understands that she has to play a particular role in her life. To get a full use of the opportunity she was given, Lennox has to sufficiently work on herself. Once she learns it, she will comprehend that this is more significant than her skill to implement the great things that she was prescribed to do. It means that people with this number have a slower development.

The usual person has to realize less during his evolution than these people. So that is why people like Lennox succeed when they had overcome all this evolution and it happens when they are about thirty or forty. Lennox is very self-judging and self-critical, and that is the reason why she is often shy and timid. This behavior can prevent her from doing things that she is really capable of doing. Sometimes she is too unsure.

Coco Chanel, 8/19/1883

Coco Chanel just gives inspiration to others without too much effort. Chanel cannot control the energy that she expresses. It provides her strength and at the same time flusters her emotionally.

Chanel doesn't need a lot of time to think, she just comes up with opinions, ideas and insights immediately. Chanel happens to be a midpoint between unconscious and conscious, in some situations she reaches the level where she can get occult information.


Craig David, 5/5/1981

People find that Craig David has the ability to inspire and enlighten them. Given a huge amount of energy, David has an extremely developed intuition as well. During his younger years he was shy and reserved, all because of misunderstanding which was mostly caused by great saturation of his inner self. And yet, Craig David has even more undiscovered abilities along with those he's already aware of.

David electrifies every situation he encounters. Even if he doesn't put in much effort, people around him become inspired. The reason lies in the energetic sphere: Craig David spreads energy whether having intention or not.

Thoughts, notions, comprehension and perception all come to David in pieces omitting the normal thinking routine. He serves as a bridge connecting spiritual and materialistic domains, a receiver of information from the archetype realm. Apparently, his conscious realm has a connection to the unconscious, promoting Giovanni to an elevated state of intuition which allows mystic knowledge to come out.

David Beckham, 5/2/1975

Having this number for Life Path, Beckham is able to inspire others. He has a huge amount of drive and good instincts. Lots of people didn't understand him when he was a kid, which made him timid and reclusive. But even he doesn't know how much potential he possesses.

Beckham always stimulates any situation he penetrates. He cannot even see how much he inspires people. Beckham has so much energy that he cannot control, which causes emotional disorder.
He doesn't need time to think a lot, he just comes up with opinions, ideas and insight immediately. He happens to be a midpoint between the unconscious and conscious, in some situations he reaches the level where he can get occult information.
It all shows us that he is a very creative and artistic person. Lots of prophets, artists and leaders in religion and history have eleven as their Birthday Number.


Celebrities with same Birth day


Ben Affleck, 8/15/1972

Ben Affleck is decidedly responsible and great at fulfilling his responsibilities. He is determined even in the face of disadvantages. Ben is princely, gentle, and at times too indulgent.

Ben Affleck is exceedingly sensitive and sometimes too empathetic. His studying and progress help him achieve unlimited goals throughout his lifetime.

Eva Longoria, 3/15/1975

All of her life, Longoria is focused on relationships. She is always willing to give her help to others and has healing skills. She can make a great career as a health therapist or a doctor, or in any field where she can give aid to those who are suffering.
Eva Longoria wants to feel that people are grateful and thankful to her. She is disposed to adulation and exposed to eulogy. Longoria cannot stand when she is criticized. She takes it very personally and suffers greatly.
This starlet is ready to put all her forces to return a debt that she owes. She can even surrender something that she values to give help and comfort to others. Longoria is


extremely sacrificing, kind-hearted and sympathetic.

Celebrities with same Expression number


Charlize Theron, 8/7/1975

Charlize Theron is extremely idealistic. It is easy for her to see how to control and direct a huge amount of people. Under this entire surface, Charlize needs to feel that she is loved and that people respect her.

One of the reasons is that she needs to be validated and frequently criticizes herself. This starlet is satisfied when the things she does bring good to society. She can succeed in making a career as a politician, teacher, doctor or lawyer.

Charlize is a humanitarian. She doesn't have limitations concerning prejudice. She should make friends with people from various walks of life, people who differ from her by the color of their skin and religion. She can be enriched and fascinated by their background and give birth to those qualities that were lying deep inside her.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 6/30/1947

This movie star's aim in life is to bring positive things to humanity. He has a certain wish to create a world that is much better than it is now. Swarzenegger is sure that everything around him is perfect. Sometimes his thoughts about others or about methods are too dupable. He is always merciful to others and is willing to make our society kinder. He especially has a compassion for those who have physical damages, or were treated unjustly. Arnold Schwarzenegger's dream is to make a transformation of the world we are living in.

Joe Cocker, 5/20/1944

Joe Cocker is extremely sure that everything around him is perfect. It is easy for him to see how to control a big group of people. He hides his wishes to receive approval from others and their love. Many will be surprised to know that Joe Cocker adores being famous. His extreme urge of self-validation can be explained by his hard criticism of himself.

It brings him pleasure when he makes something that later will bring wealth to the public. He can make a great career becoming a politician, teacher, doctor or lawyer.


Adam Sandler is animated and he likes to be in the public eye. He is attracted to projects that involve recovering something that has been previously left. He is uncompromising, and sometimes this gets in his way around certain ingenuous individuals or procedures. He has an abundant kindness and seeks to make a charitable impact on humanity. He is nervous around people who don't have a lot of material possessions. His biggest goal is to change the creation.

Eva Longoria, 3/15/1975

Eva Longoria is very idealistic. She also has skills to influence and control a huge group of people. Deep inside, Longoria wishes to be loved and approved. She wants people to validate that she is a star and wants everybody to like and appreciate her actions, because she is very critical of herself. Longoria is happy with herself when she knows that she is participating in a project that will bring great benefit to society. That is why she will have great success in such fields as politics, environmental protection, teaching and law.

This starlet has a broad vision on mankind

and is never limited by prejudice. What we can advise is that Longoria should get acquainted with people who have different color skin and believe in diverse gods.

They will enrich and enchant her, which will awaken those qualities that were laying dormant deep inside her.

David Beckham, 5/2/1975

Beckham is always willing to help. He especially gives help to those who bear physical sufferings. He always finds excuses for other people even if they are mistaken. He always wants to change the world.
He is ready to suffer losses, to make an improvement. David Beckham can even sometimes get involved in a situation where he should sacrifice his pride and self respect to help another person.

Beckham is too idealistic. He can see how to control and manage a large amount of people. Still deep inside, it is necessary for him to get glory and respect from others.
Maybe it is like that because he wants to be supported, but he's very critical of himself. Beckham gets very pleased when the things he does brings good to society.

Beckham is a humanitarian; he is not limited with prejudice. Beckham needs to make friends with different people of different customs and religions. They can fill him with a lot of information and experience, which can develop his qualities.

Adam Sandler, 9/9/1966



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