Classroom - Tarot Business Course

Lecture - Intro to Tarot Business

 Lecture 2 - Know, Like, Trust

As I mentioned, if you want to join Bob's group to learn more about marketing and ask any questions, this is the one I am in:

Lecture 3 - Marketing 101

Lecture 4 - Get Clients on You Tube

Remember You Tube won't tell you what Keywords are Good or Bad, you'll need a service like I use ~$3 / month:

Lecture 5 - Get Clients on Instagram

Lecture 6 - Get Clients on Facebook

Lecture 7 - No Free Readings

Lecture 8 - 3 Card Reading "Try"

Lecture 9 - Full Reading Tips

Lecture 10 - Repeat Clients

If you want to start a text service for your repeat clients:

Lecture 11 - Get Referrals

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