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What is Aries Season?

You'll go from fast-paced and impatient to lazy and languorous in love.

Over the course of Aries season, romantic Venus will change signs twice. First, the day after the sun moves into the dynamic fire sign, on March 21, Venus (the planet of love) follows. As such, until April 14, it'll bring a more impulsive, wide-eyed, excitable, and restless vibe to love, money, beauty, and socializing. While Venus's trip through Pisces (which began on February 25) might've had you happily floating through dreamland, musing about all your current and future plans, wishes, and fantasies, its time in Aries could have you chomping at the bit to take action. You could be inspired to be more assertive, brave, bold, and gung-ho while dating or connecting with a partner, pitching creative ideas, and experimenting with your style. This could especially be the case on March 26 when the sun pairs up with sweet Venus, offering up a bright, hearty dose of confidence you can bring into relationships, money making, and makeovers.

But on April 14, the planet of love will race ahead of the sun into the second sign of the zodiac: grounded earth sign Taurus, which is one of the two signs Venus rules. In other words, it's happily at home in the sign of the Bull, cranking up your appetite for romance and relaxation with the people you adore the most. But because Aries loves to do everything at lightning speed, and Taurus is known for being super-slow and steady, the transition from one to the other β€” especially as it manifests in your love life β€” could feel a bit jarring.

You'll feel more focused and ambitious.

Thanks to several exciting moments when major planets connect in a harmonious way throughout Aries season, you might be able to pair all of its fiery energy with a healthy infusion of pragmatism and concentrated mental energy to truly take care of business.

On March 21, almost as soon as the sun kicks off a whole new astrological year by entering Aries, its ruler, go-getter Mars, forms a harmonizing trine to taskmaster Saturn, amplifying discipline and commitment to follow-through. Because both planets are currently in air signs (Mars is in Gemini and Saturn is in Aquarius), it could be easier to connect with friends or colleagues on what might usually seem like a daunting task β€” and get it done.

On March 29, messenger Mercury pairs up with dreamy Neptune in watery Pisces, making it easier to tune into all things intuitive, spiritual, metaphysical, otherworldly β€” and talk about it and understand it through communication and research.

Fast forward to April 17, just two days before the sun leaves Aries for Taurus. Action-oriented Mars in Gemini forms a positive trine to expansive Jupiter in Aquarius, taking that Aries thirst for victory to a whole new level. The assertive, take-charge vibes of Mars are amplified by Jupiter, so you can use this moment as fuel for making headway on whatever it is you want to achieve.

You'll be fired up to speak your truth.

Mercury will spend about half of Aries season in Pisces β€” where it landed on March 18 β€” continuing to bring an imaginative, poetic but not all that rational tone to the way we connect, collaborate, and think. But if you prefer to express yourself in a more direct, fast-paced, and assertive style, you'll be in luck from April 3 to 19 while the planet of communication moves through Aries. This period will urge you to trade dreams and illusions for straightforward truth telling and likely also heated debate. At best, Mercury in Aries lends itself to a vibrant, speedy exchange of big-picture ideas. At worst, it can deliver conflict and wars of words.

On April 18, the confident sun pairs up with messenger Mercury in the dynamic fire sign, setting the stage for bold, fearless communication. It could be time to ask for exactly what you want.Β