3 Big Things

I learned from my Astrology and Numerology Reports.

Around the age of 30, I first learned that there was a 50 page book written about me on the day I was born. That sounds like something you'd want to know about, and could have been a huge help in my formative years.

Yes, I am talking about my Astrology and Numerology reports. And more than 10 years later, I am glad for the insights and freedom they have given me to live a more true and authentic life more aligned with my life path. 

Here are my biggest learnings from this journey into my own personal self discovery. A never-ending, but eternally rewarding journey. 

1. My Aries Moon (Astrology)

The Moon gives you insight into your feelings and basic needs. My Moon in Aries says I have a need to spend time by myself. Not all the time, but at times and certainly under stress. I knew I was introverted, but at times even in my 20's I found myself staying in some weekend nights, especially Fridays. And I did loved it, but I felt guilty that I wasn't living it up as everyone else seemed to be doing. 

2. Mercury in the 7th House (Astrology) 

Mercury is linked to your thoughts and the way your mind works. Mercury in the 7th house says talking and sharing ideas with your partner is important to me as I learn a lot from my relationships. It is actually one of the things that attracted me to my wife is the fact that we had deep conversations that centered around big Ideas instead of just People (gossip) or Events (daily news). 

3. My Life Path is really an 11, not a 2 (Numerology)

A 2 in Numerology is the peacemaker, the conflict avoider, one who sees shades of Grey vs Black and White. When I first read that was my Life Path it really resonated with me. I have been always one who did not like conflict, and would often put the needs of others ahead of myself.

As I learned more, it is really a Master Number of 11. Someone who is capable of inspiration and illumination. But, Master Numbers are not just more powerful, they are more demanding. So, especially early in life when I was not ready to handle an 11, I vibrated at a 2. I am hoping the Self Development work I do on myself will allow me to step into my 11 before my time is up on this earth. 

These are just 3 aspects from over 50+ pages of my personalized Self Discovery reports. 

If you haven't gotten your Astrology & Numerology reports, you will want to get your own personalized reports (waiting for you since birth), because you will Love the permission and freedom it gives you to live your true and authentic life.