Astrology - 50 ways to Love Yourself

If you don't know your chart, you don't know your heart :)

Have you ever felt:





All of these are energies telling us we feel disconnected from our true self. 

So why do so many of us feel so disconnect and powerless?

It’s because we don’t believe in ourself, our power, our purpose.

You are only just kidding that you are poor little me. You think, I’m not much of a muchness, who am I to achieve the change I want to see in the world?

You see, the function of a Guru is to give you a funny look in the eye. Because you come to him and say "Mr. Guru, I have problems. I suffer, and it’s a mess, and I cannot control my mind, and I’m miserable and depressed."

And he gives you a funny look. And you feel a bit nervous about the way he looks at you. Because he is reading your thoughts.

This man is a magician, he can see everything that is in you. He can read right down into your unconscious.  And you know all the dreadful things you’ve thought, and all the awful desires you have. And you’re rather embarrassed that this man looks right through you and sees them all.

But that’s not what he’s look at! He’s giving you a funny look for quite another reason all together. Because he sees in you, the spirit, the universe, the... whatever it is you believe, it’s in you. Just claiming that it’s poor little me.

You are enough. You are the universe.

But How do I get connected?

Stop looking around externally.

Start looking Within Yourself. 

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