5 things Tarot Readers Learn

5 Things Tarot Readers learn to be effective:

1. They use Numerology

The Tarot is based on Numerology. You don't have to be an expert, but knowing the basics can impart meaning into a reading. You may not know how 3 cards come together, but if they are all 5's the message is about Change. This Tarot course will cover all the Numerology you need.   

2. The Court Cards are their friends.

Do your readings get clunky as soon as a Court card pops up? Use my structure to have them quickly give a 3 dimensional feel to your readings. You'll add phrases like "you know in your heart what you want to do or say, you just haven't taken action yet."

3. They know the Suit Ranking / Heirarchy 

Just like Bridge, there is a pecking order to the Tarot. In your readings this can help as the suits change across a reading to see if your client is making progress or going backwards.

4. They understand the meaning of Colors and Symbols.

Couds in the Tarot mean some information is hidden from you. Do you pat attention to the color of the clothes in the cards or the difference between a mountain or a castle in the background? You will.

5. They use Duality or Pairs, to read any sized spread with ease.

 I'm proud this lecture is one of the top rated in my Tarot Reader course.


Tarot Reader Course - from Knowing the Tarot to Reading any spread with ease. 

This Tarot Reader course will teach you all of the above and more. The Ratings & Reviews of my course are something I watch like a hawk to continue making improvements. I'm proud of the positive reviews to date after over 1,000 students have taken the course.