2023 Tarot Contest - November Rd 4 - and Final Results

We just finished another great Tarot Contest. I created this to help people grow their skills and comfort in reading Tarot, and helping others. 

Here are some kind words for the readers from the Querent:

"I must say that all the readers did tap into something and it was a pretty hard call. If you can pass along to each of them that I love the energy they put out and appreciate all four of them. I was expecting to get roasted a bit, but instead I got a whole lot of kindness and guidance. 
I also must say this was an awesome experience.
There was some personally meaningful cards that came up and the repeating cards across multiple readings has given me a ton to think about. There definitely was truth to all four of the readings and I'm grateful for the experience."

See below for the November and Overall Results

November Round 4 Winner - Kelly B from Canada

November Top 4 - Maggie from the US

This is Maggie's first appearance in the Top 3, and the Judge's have been very impressed with her growth during the contest. 

November Top 4 - Katie from the UK

November Top 4 - Kelly F from Australia

2023 Tarot Contest Winner - Kelly B from Canada

Congrats to Kelly B, our first Canadian Tarot contest winner. The Querent's kept saying they really responded to her style of reading and emotional connections to the cards and the questions. 

Kelly said "The contest has definitely helped with my confidence and to validate my skills. I’m so grateful!" 

2023 Top 3 - Katie from the UK

2023 Top 3 - Kelly F from Australia

With enough interest, we will host another contest starting Aug 2024.