2021 Tarot Reader Contest

Contest Principles

1. This will be a positive, Community building contest.

2. A contest helps focus your learning and growth.

3. Not ready to enter, but want to participate? Submit a Question for the Finals.

If your question is selected, you will get to view the 3 top readings, and input on which was most accurate and helpful to your situation.

The Judges will take this into consideration when deciding the winner of the Round. 


The Contest will be set up into 2 different entries.

1. For the Preliminary Round (lower cost).

2. And one for the Finals (multiple rounds, higher cost).

The Finals will be by invite. This will enable us to keep the Finals to a manageable number of entries, given the amount of readings needed to watch and assess.  


Preliminary Round - Now Through Aug 31st

In the Preliminary Round everyone will read the same Tarot Spread.

A subset of entries from the Preliminary Round will be invited to the Finals

(Final number based on Judges capacity) 

Finals Round 1 - September

Finals Round 2 - October

Finals Round 3 - November 

Final Round 4 - December

Winner crowned on the Winter Solstice


Contestants will record their readings and submit a URL link to their video.

I recommend You Tube Unlisted Videos, so we can embed the top 3 for each round.

(Please don't try to email us a large video file, there is no way we have the capacity to store them all or easily share among the remote judges)

Judging Criteria

Contestants will be judged loosely on the following.

1. Fluency of the Tarot (no you don't have to adopt all of my meanings to win).

2. Accuracy and helpfulness to the Client (especially in the Finals)

3. Having your own Point of View through the Tarot

4. Would "we" as clients return to your for another reading? 

Recall the Know, Like Trust Model from the Tarot Business Course?

Want to brush up, see a link to the course below. 

5. All 3 Judges will be Intuitive people, so I bet a lot of Gut feelings will go into this.