Self Actualization

I was recently flying across the country, and had some rare time to myself on the plane. I watched a movie that I had low expectations for but ended up enjoying a lot. It was Teen Spirit, which is basically American Idol the movie. Imagine the quiet, timid, country girl against all odds winning a big singing contest (in the UK). 

After, I really thought about what made me enjoy the movie so much, and I think it was the concept of Self Actualization. 

The idea of finally stepping into who you were meant to be.

So many of us have the romantic idea of our own self actualization, being a lot like this final winning song experience below. (especially the last 10s when you see she even surprised herself with what she just did).

But, I personally think the process feels a bit more like this video from Helios below. Especially the close up look of terror on her face as she screams near the end, followed by the wonder and amazement in her eyes for what she is about to experience. 

The journey may mean, leaving people behind, leaving comfortable places behind for a new unknown.  

What do you expect it to feel like?