Lesson 10 - Go on your Spiritual Journey, but come back.


Anyone can become aware that they are one with the eternal ground of the universe. But because that is what you all are form the beginning, I am going to ask "so what?"

When a hero goes on an adventure, and he leaves his people and goes to a strange land. He could just hide away around the corner in an obscure house then appear later and say "I've been on a heroic journey" and tell all sorts of tales. And they say prove it.

Because they expect him to bring back something, something which nobody has seen before.

Then they believe you have been on the journey.

So in the same way, anyone who goes on a spiritual journey must bring something back.

Because if you just say “oh man, it was a gas”, anyone can say that!

In Buddhism, there are two types of enlightened people. One who goes off into their ecstasy and is never heard from again.

The other comes back to and appears in the everyday world, and plays the game of the everyday world by the rules of the everyday world. But he brings with him Upaia, some way of showing that he’s been on the journey, he’s come back, and he’ll let you in on the secret too, if you, if ...if... if... you will play it cool, and also come back to  join in the everyday life of everyday people.

One Monk described enlightenment just like every day life. But floating 2 inches off the ground. 

When you have your breakthrough, you must reach back and pull others through.

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